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With last minute shopping and the numerous Christmas parties you have to attend to, December has got to be one of the most stressful months of the year. That's precisely why at Elite Skin Perfection, a leading facial institute here in the Philippines, gives reprieve for the weary souls that stumble into their establishments. Offering top quality services and products, the company provides an authentic spa experience that is guaranteed to rejuvenate and restore your spirits just in time for the new year.

So if you're planning to visit one of their branches but have no idea what to get then we got you covered. Here's a list of our favorite Elite Skin Perfection facials.

1. Optima+ Treatment

Perfect for: People looking to look fresh and polished to meet the relatives in this year's family reunion.

Why it's great: It locks in moisture and aids in collagen production giving your skin a youthful and bright look.

What products are used: Optima+ Eye and Lip Cream, Optima+ Face Cream, Optima+ Face Serum and Optima+ Thermal Mask

2. Dead Sea Cleansing Treatment

Perfect for: A quick skin pick-me-up after days of Christmas shopping for your long list of relatives.

Why it's great: Deeply and gently cleanses the face promoting a radiant and youthful appearance.

What products are used: Mineral Soap, Mud Soap, Daily eye & Lip Remover, Daily Dewdrops Toner, Daily Dewdrops Cleanser, Milky Facial Scrub, Loofah Facial Soap, Clarity Peeling Gel, and Refining Mud Mask

3. Claribio Acne Treatment

Perfect for: Dealing with an oncoming breakout due to the stress of preparing for the holidays.

Why it's great: Fights off acne by lifting impurities and controls sebum and oil production.

What products are used: Claribio 1 Foaming Cleanser, Claribio 2 Nourishing Mask, Claribio 3 Everyday Cream, and Claribio 4 Spot Gel

4. Hydrapower Treatment

Perfect for: Giving your parched skin a good dose of moisture before the holiday festivities start.

Why it's great: Deeply hydrates and locks in moisture for soft and supple skin.

What products are used: Hydrapower Thermal Mask, Hydrapower Moisturizing Cream, Hydrapower Enriching Serum, Hydrapower Wrinkle Filler, and Hydrapower Puffiness-No-More

5. Anti-Aging Blue Treatment

Perfect for: Feeling rejuvenated and renewed as you welcome the new year with a beautiful bang.

Why it's great: Repairs damaged skin cells and promotes collagen and elastin on the skin.

What products are used: Replenishing Night Cream, Optima Day Cream, Youth Essence Serum, Contura Eye Cream, And Uplift Eye Gel


Elite Skin Perfection is having a giveaway!

Elite Skin Perfection is giving away goodies this December and here's how to win:

1. Follow Elite Skin Perfection's official Facebook page.

2. Leave a comment about how you keep yourself youthful in 2020.

3. The winners will be announced on Dec 20,2019.

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