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Cosmetigroup  International Corporation’s mission is to empower traders, industries, and businesses by equipping them with the tools to create an innovative marketing strategy. One that not only grabs the interest of a vast and varied customer base but also provides an array of customizable options for their products and services. Our extensive range of high-quality cosmetic brands under our umbrella will revolutionize the business-to-business industry, offering unparalleled possibilities and opportunities.


Join us on a nostalgic journey as we trace CIC's humble beginnings and witness its remarkable transformation into one of the pillars of the aesthetic industry that creates an exceptional significance in the business-to-business spectrum.

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We provide high-end, top-quality corporate presents to our potential business partners. Our comprehensive packages are tailored to their specific customization preferences, serving as one of the key elements to enhance brand stability


Our goal is to become the top company in the cosmetic industry, offering a diverse selection of high-quality brands. We aim to provide excellent business opportunities and partnerships both locally and globally.

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Embrace the company's deeply ingrained core values to unite and achieve goals that will make a remarkable impact beyond the organization's boundaries.

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