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ICONIQUE is highly-advanced technology for aesthetic enhancements and non-surgical treatment that provides unique and top-tier results of getting in shape and a perfect amount of development in the aspect of beauty. Bringing a significant impact and a revolutionized aesthetic from head to toe for our valued clientele. It is constantly evolving, and on-trend in the beauty market to provide highly effective products and services which aim for excellent performance in the aspect of maintaining healthy skin. The Iconique brand is one of the world’s leading experts in the beauty market.


ALCOGEL HAND MOISTURIZER - The product consists of a mild alcohol gel, a non-residual formulation that would provide an effective and safe moisturization and eliminate dirt specifically in hands without using water or towels. It leaves your hands with a refreshing vibe and it cannot cause dryness or stickiness.

ELLIPTICITY 180 - The Ellipticity 180 is a top-tier phototherapy gadget that supports the healing process of the skin and has antibacterial benefits for the whole body which combat against free because of its LED technology features. It consists of LED lights with various intensity levels for the repair, soothing, and revitalization of damaged skin cells. It speeds up skin revival by having an extensive amount of cell regeneration time, provides deep nourishment and hydration to the skin, reduction of, blemishes and improves blood circulation.


  • Invigorates Renewal of The Skin - Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) promotes the renewal of the skin which could increase the level of collagen. It provides repair and shields the skin cells from free radicals by establishing strong layers around the cells.

  • Boost and Maintain Healthy Skin - Enhance the Health of the Skin by the use of LED Lights that deeply infiltrate the skin which stimulates and improves blood circulation. It also lessens all the inflammatory conditions in the inner body that fastly renewed the overall health and glowing vibe of the skin.

  • Reduction of Blemishes - It lessens the facial skin's grime and blemishes. Helps to reduce the scars and dark spots that come from healed acne or zits. The LED Lights deeply infiltrate the layers of the skin causes to renew and invigorate the skin making it look refreshing and glowing on the surface.

  • Potent of Seven LED Lights - This seven lights mode has various intensity levels and particular uses according to your preferred options and based on your needs to develop or enhance. It increases the chances of renewal and regeneration of skin cells or solvable points in different kinds of skin conditions.

Uses of Seven LED Lights

  1. Purple Light- Repair damaged skin cells, and boost the secretion aspect.

  2. Red Light - enhances the anti-inflammatory aspect and lessens the pain which gives a quick wound-healing process.

  3. Yellow Light - Reduces the freckles and enhances the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This mode of light stimulates the production of hormones that balances the overall skin's health.

  4. Green Light - It provides soothing and comfort to the senses. This light mode enhances the excellent quality of the sleeping session and quickly heals all the skin's grime or blemishes as well as lessens wrinkles and fine lines.

  5. Orange Light - Improves blood circulation and thyroid function which has a good effect on the skin's surface.

  6. Blue Light - The fight against bacteria and other free radicals in the skin cells. It develops the system of lymphatic drainage and thwarts the skin's grime, blemishes stretchmarks, and excessive oil production in the facial skin which causes zits and other skin conditions.

  7. Calcium Supplement Light - Developed good metabolic balance and this is for bone density and strength of its quality.


This particular gadget functions for loose and saggy skin through calming vibration in a definite area of the facial skin. The LED therapy of this Iconeck device boosts the renewal of the skin cells. It prevents premature aging because of its heating system that melts away any excess or unwanted fats in a specific area. This device has three LED specs hues that aim to firm and smoothen the skin around the neck and shoulder area.

Blue Light

The light mode function helps to aim the bacterial sources that are usually the main cause of various skin conditions such as pimples and acne. It encourages the revolutionary element that gets rid of bacteria in the skin without harming it.

Green Light

This light mode supports the anti-inflammatory and reduces the hyperpigmentation that cooldown the skin which aids, in fleeing from skin conditions and improves skin tone.

Red Light

This light mode boosts collagen production, providing a firming and youthful glowing appearance to the skin. It helps to deeply nourish and penetrate the skin cells and support the excellent flow of blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, and openly renews n cells' connected tissues.


The AQUAPIK gadget desires to enhance oral hygiene by providing a safe and accessible system of deep teeth cleaning using its high-quality technology.

Uses and Benefits

  • Utilize high-frequency, high-pressure water jetting - Promotes high frequency and pressure of water eruption to eliminate plaque, dirt, and other residual matter in unreachable areas such as dental stitches and cavities in the upper part of the mouth.

  • Gives cleaning and protection for your teeth - Deliver a comprehensive cleaning and shield for the teeth. Achieves better oral hygiene and overall cavity preservation.

  • Exceptional performance - Excellent in top-tier quality and outstanding highly advanced technology.

  • Optimal care for the positive result - The Aquapik Water Flosser should be used right before brushing teeth which profoundly removes any food particles or debris that may fall into a more effective procedure for cleaning the teeth that will promote healthier and more beautiful smiles.

  • Deep cleaning - The high pressure of water gushing could have able to reach the areas that are unreachable when doing the usual procedure of brushing and flossing the teeth, such as under the gums, dental stitches, and cavities.

  • Remove plaque and bacteria - The high water gush which beneficially eliminates plaque and bacteria from the between of teeth and gums lessens the possibilities of tooth decay and gum disease. It improves oral hygiene by detaching the particles and debris which could avoid halitosis and stains on the teeth.


The Biophoton Device -this is the latest high-end device and professional health technology at home with specs of new LED light and thermal level. This device uses to softly massage the skin's surface layers which causes a good flow of blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory facet.

Specifications and Features:

  • LED Light Treatment

  • Heating and Cooling System

  • With Progressive LED Light Treatment System to deeply penetrate the skin.

  • Inverted pedestal structure

  • USB charging cable

  • A flexible and portable device

  • Perfectly fit with a circumvent probe for easy access to those unreachable or remote areas.

  • Stainless Steel Probe


This is the latest and unique product used to achieve perfectly white teeth in just one week. This highly-advanced and innovative mouthpiece is safe to use and effective without the need for encroaching on the process. It has special specifications such as silicone gum support and topmost comfort.

Specs & Features

  • LED Light - Deeply enter or penetrate the in-between of your teeth for maximum effectiveness to whiten the teeth. It prevents you to experience painful treatments to maintain oral health because it gives you a confident and brighter smile.

  • Mouthpiece - It is designed to incorporate with the oral device that could effectively help to whiten the teeth without compromising the safety and comfort of someone or having a painful procedure.

  • Safety and Effectivity - The efficiency and safeness of whitening teeth are the top priority of the device. It eradicates the existing bacteria without promoting tender procedures and gives a gorgeous and perfect smile.


The Iconique Germanium Touch is designed as a highly-advanced device consisting of Germanium elements that help to activate and balance the ions which may prevent us from aging and shield the skin from any harmful radicals in the environment. This device is also used for rejuvenation, enhancing facial shape, and contours, and boosting lymphatic drainage.

Pressure Acupuncture

Provides lightweight pressure to boost the healing characteristic of the body which has positive results such as reduction of inflammation, achieving fair complexion, and elimination of skin pigmentation.

Balance and Activate Ions

Activate ions that affect aging and also put balance to the skin cells which helps to oppose over-exposure. Pressure acupuncture boosts the body's healing characteristics for minimal improvements.

Boost Lymphatic Drainage

Germanium Touch enhances the reservation of fluid and good blood circulation and lessens bulginess to achieve a refreshing appearance.

Releasing Tension

Germanium Touch gadget provides a comfortable massage on the face that is very alike to get a massage on the entire body which supports to regulation and release of tension in the facial muscles, head, jaw, neck, and other areas of the upper bust.

Uplifting, Firming Cooling, and De-Puffing:

The roller promotes cooling down the skin for comfort, fix and clears lymphatic drainage that works anti-inflammatory system while its massaging aspect may firm the facial muscles, develop shape, and contour, and also the reduction of appearing wrinkles and fine lines. It can be put in a cool place.


is an advanced device design inspired by Japanese technology that boosts slimming results?

Uses & Features

  • Easy to Operate and navigate the device

  • LED Light Intensity Level

  • LED Mode

  • CV Ultrasonic System

  • DC charging cable and a long-lasting battery life

  • Easy-to-understand the instruction for each use

  • Suitable vibrations that quickly melt down fats


Maxi clean was created for women's skin and is appropriate for sensitivity to normal skin types. The cleansing button penetrates deeply the skin to remove dirt from pores while shielding the skin's water barrier while the massage system promotes the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines in a soothing mode.

Uses & Features

  • Cleaning & Soothing System

  • Suitable with the systems to cleanse and boost the skin

  • Close-packed Design

  • Portable Design that is suitable for travel

  • Excellent conductive charging

  • Long-lasting battery life


A Bioten is a massage comb with the concept of meridian science in the traditional medicine process of Chinese that has a fusion of modern touch likely vibration system, and phototherapy massage to give a particular solution for hair loss, strengthening the scalp, and fatigue reliever. It has 28 soft bristles that can target the pressure acupuncture points on the top of the scalp and develop a good flow of blood circulation in the bust part, particularly the head.


  • A specific 28-thick bristle for a massage that hit a targeted point in the scalp and has an excellent performance system.

  • The device lessens the possibility of hair loss, relieves muscle tension and fatigue, reactivates the flow of cells, supplies nutrients, promotes the good circulation of blood, and develops nutrients. Enhancing the flow of blood to the scalp, deep nourishment to hair follicles, and carrying out oxygen are one of the reasons for good hair growth.

  • The red light photo-therapy triggers the nutrients to the hair follicles to boost collagen production which supplies the elements that restrict the chances of hair loss.

  • The gadget is constructed from the top of the head combing down to the ears and massaging the head back down to the neck and above the forehead.

  • It promotes comfort and relaxation when using this device at home, saving money and time for salon treatments.


The Ultrascrubber is the absolute process for the skincare regimen. It has a feature of vibrations and an ultrasonic high-cutting edge, and this gadget slackens the oil and sebum that builds up in the pores that cause pimples or acne. It helps the skin to clean and smooth skin and empowers the soak-up of skincare products.

  • High-end Ultrasonic sterilization

  • Equipped with a vibration system with 25Khz for having a constructive cleansing feature.

  • Suitable with a steel probe.

  • Adaptable and very handy to operate.

  • USB Charging cable

  • Flexible and promotes comfort


O3 Pro is the latest contemporary aesthetic machine fusion with primary care, body contour, and development of appearance. Wonderfully well-controlled mode for high temperature which can restore the spine and joint condition, and boost the good flow of blood circulation. The device delivers comfort and removes the pain in the joints and muscles.

  • O3 Pro nurture the experience of being in a high-end spa which allows you to maximize your time and do your hobby such as, reading books and drinking coffee or tea while having this kind of skin treatment.

  • Automatic Ozone Sterilization: The ozone gadget is used for automatic sterilization to prevent infection, and maintain the state cabin clean as always.

  • Suitable shape for people to support the body's comfort during the use of this machine.

  • Decontamination of Medical Steam that could boil the herbal medicine.


A kind of electronic massage chair that promotes comfort and relaxation that has a roller, hot compress, and negative ions that help the muscles or entire body to be relaxed as possible.


Iconishield Device - This device is designed to supply an absolute result of attaining a youthful-looking appearance of the skin. This high-cutting-edge gadget uses features such as light waves and LEDs to boost the photoreceptors in the skin cells. This procedure creates energy that is profoundly absorbed by the skin's elements which causes the skin complexion to be fair.

  • Easy to utilize with a one-key facet and a simple 15-minute method.

  • This is lightweight and rechargeable which serves as a comfort to use anywhere.

  • Perfect for all skin types with its various hues.

  • The frequency of the red hue modifies from 620mm to 750mm and boosts to support good blood circulation, and fast metabolism revitalizes collagen and provides a solution for wrinkles that results from skin enhancement.

  • The frequency of the blue hue modifies from 476 to 495mm and it eliminates Propionibacterium acne and provides care to prevent acne, improving the hair follicle area.

  • The frequency of the orange hue modifies from 590 to 620mm and it enhances the use of oxygen exchange in the skin cells and promotes good blood circulation which repairs the pigmentation that also helps to improve the texture of the skin.


Emerald Z aesthetic gadget resorts to using infrared LED technology to bring thermal therapy found in the handle of the electronic console. It has various specifications such as 30 red hues lights at 852nm, a glass sensor probe, and 4 infrared lights at 852nm which can conduct 50.5 degrees Celsius of heat that penetrate the deeper layer of the skin.


Handle the face and neck area that causes the skin to tighten, lessen the possibility of wrinkles, and the device uses depending on the user. The portable controller is easy-to-navigate because the mask designed has opened eyes, nose, and mouth. Practical and low-cost essential wavelengths differ from conventional LED masks.


The Iconique 24K Gold Soap is highlighted as 100% natural consisting of pure gold flakes. These ingredients are for achieving a perfect complexion and deeply nourishing the skin by revitalizing every inch of the skin cells. It has components with anti-inflammatory aspects and enhances the flexibility of the skin.


This highly-advanced device is uniquely composed of LED light rays providing benefits for the skin without compromising the results with negative side effects such as low-temperature burn and excessive glare.

  • Blue light lessens the zits or acne and profoundly compacts the sebaceous glands.

  • Red light prevents the skin from fine lines & wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

  • Infrared wavelength helps to continuously produce collagens and light skin tone because it reaches the subcutaneous skin tissues.

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