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The Purity And Naturality

Botanifique™ encapsulates the pure and organic formulation of the products by utilizing the vital element in its most refined extraction to design a collection and/or line of products possessing a powerful result that has the intensive ability to repair, restore, and regenerate the skin. The brand's reputation is the core for creating top-tier ingredients and maintaining its naturality of resources as close to its raw form to nurture the product's effectiveness.

The brand naturally provides solutions to modern aspects of skin care remedies because of its plant-based and organic ingredients, fortified with Eco-certified and essential patents such as fruits, oil-based extracts, and plants.



Claribio is designed to enhance the modern treatment of usual skin conditions. These products are clinically proven to support oil reduction, combat free radicals, and lessen the daily encounter of acne-prone skin. Claribio is divided into four-step procedures that may eradicate inflammations and harmful elements that can cause particular skin conditions to regenerate a glowing and fair complexion.


Hydropower Premium consists of opulent minerals that provide an intense tightening effect that can lessen the skin's dullness and is intended for an anti-aging aspect that provides deep hydration and the glowing nature of the complexion. These collections are enriched with Birch Tree Sap uniquely patented and substantiated to increase smoothness, and moisturizing vibe and formulated to lessen the dryness of the skin and combat free radicals to achieve a youthful and fair complexion.


The ancient wisdom has developed with Melaslow technology patented the Highlight Brightening series that complete the body care line which helps lessen the premature aging that causes sun exposure and free radicals. These series of products maintain a young fresher appearance and decrease pigmentation because of Satsuma Mandarin and Tymarine Citrus extraction while having positive overall changes in the skin such as smoothing and moisturizing. The three-facial care procedures and other products of Botanifique give restorations, and glowing complexion, and lock up nourishments through the skin.


The potent ingredients of Himbal's Collection consist of hibiscus, spearmint, and ginger, which help us create placidness and restore the skin cell and have a natural shield for all skin types. The skin can soften because of the Hibiscus flower and a ginger extraction that utilize and eliminates toxins, shields the skin from harmful elements, and developed the overall tone and texture. It supports the three-facial care processes to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin cells.


The Gold Era 24K Series has the fusion of refined 24-karat gold flakes with potent ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid, an anti-aging formulation that gives a brightening effect to skin which delivers a softer and glowing complexion. This facial care was renowned in an ancient era because Cleopatra used it to develop her aesthetic appearance, the wonderful effects of gold supply natural nourishment and deep hydration.


The Everyday Body Care Collection has enriched effective ingredients that can soften and brighten the skin because of nourishing oils, and other organic extracts contained in the Everyday Series of skincare



Skin Recovery - has an eco-certified active extraction from Cimicifuga racemosa roots.

Eye Liss™

Freshness and Elasticity - Enhance the elasticity and tightness of the skin around the eye area supplying youthfulness and a fresher appearance because of unique and patented formulations.


Restoration and Firmness - It has an eco-certified active extraction from the aerial system of the Solidago Virgaurea Flower.


AC.NET™ - a composition of oleanolic acid and nordihydroguaiaretic acid in an osmotic gel.


Brightens and Glowing skin - It has a slow melanin from Japan that eliminates dark aging spots and skin pigmentation


The Soothing and Deep Hydration - It has an eco-certified active extraction from Sambucus nigra flowers.


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