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Come and work with us and be part of our growing family. We would love to welcome you to our various teams! Let’s Soar high!

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Extensive Training

We provide comprehensive training and orientation for every team about various aspects of enhancements and development of characters to be more productive and also to become a high-valued workforce.

Creativity and Innovation

We are always open to innovative ideas, a creative mindset, and striving for excellence in different aspects of project tasks

Practical and Agile

We work together for the betterment of the company and ourselves, work smartly and act according to what is professionally needed though we aren't pursuing perfection yet a solid foundation.

One goal as a Team

We support solid collaboration to create an impactful result that will define value and growth as a team. We fully take responsibility and pursue the endeavor of success.

Impact on our Society

As the business operation expounded, Cosmetigroup International Corporation (CIC) greatly impacted many Filipinos' lives because this company started creating job opportunities to support the workforce in the form of various departments under management. One of the missions of this beloved corporation is to help many Filipinos optimistically change their lives. And currently, the company hired more than 300 employees overall.


Work Hand In Hand

We are offering a lot of endless possibilities and opportunities to everyone who is working with us. You are open to expressing your creativity, concepts, and sparks of innovation in the most ideal way because the company is a honing space to build your career. We can't wait to share these one-of-kind experiences with you, therefore, be part of our growing family!

Life at Cosmetigroup


Life at Cosmetigroup


Mr. Anthony Catacutan

Marketing Associate


“I can work with everyone. Also, the collaboration is astounding. CIC, advocate a work-life balance system. The challenges teach me to become more productive in some ways. I love working with Cosmetigroup Family.”

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