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We know, as far as cosmetic products go soaps are pretty easy to use. But trust us when we say there are some things you might be missing out on especially if you're using our mud soaps. So to get the most use out of our signature product, here are some tips and tricks for you to try.

About our Mud Soap

Aqua Mineral's Mud soap from the Dead Sea

A lathering soap based on the beneficial minerals of natural Dead Sea black mud. Its special formula helps to gently cleanse skin, eliminating grime and unclogging pores. The soap also contributes to refining the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and healthy.

Based on palm oil, Dead Sea black mud and minerals. This soap is ideal for use in the shower or bath, helping to remove dead skin on feet and elbows.


Promotes elasticity and rejuvenation - magnesium and salt found in Dead Sea mud improves the skin. Studies have found that it improves functionality by making it a barrier and more elastic.

Helps fight off acne - antimicrobial properties found in Dead Sea mud prevent bacteria from forming on the skin. This makes Dead Sea mud the perfect weapon against acne.

Removes skin impurities - minerals found in Dead Sea mud lifts away impurities from the skin making it healthier.

Brightens skin and helps heal scars - Dead Sea minerals actually help with cell regeneration which result to brighter and more even skin tone.

Improves blood circulation - calcium, potassium, and magnesium in Dead Sea mud relaxes the nerves and promotes better blood flow.

Tips for use

woman exfoliating skin

Exfoliate before use - using a good body scrub can actually help the mud soap do its thing. It sloughs off dead skin cells so the soap can provide nutrition into the skin's deepest layers.

water and hands

Use lukewarm water - water temperature is actually a key to getting more out of your mud soap. Too cold and it'll close pores blocking off the minerals from penetrating the skin.

woman showering

Apply on desired areas ONLY - despite its many benefits, a mud soap may cause irritation or if applied to perfectly healthy skin. So if you wish to treat blemishes or other skin concerns only apply the product on that.

woman holding out two fingers

Use twice a day - for best results, use the product twice a day at reasonable intervals (day and night should do the trick).

Aqua Mineral Blissful Body Butter in Enchantment

Moisturize right after - lock in moisture by sealing in with body lotion or body butter. We recommend using Aqua Mineral's Blissful Body Butter available on Lazada.

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