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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

For most men, there’s nothing more sacred than their daily ritual of shaving. So it’s no question that some men have taken so much care in investing a lot on their shaving products and perfecting the art of the razor.

That’s why we’ve compiled what we thought are the best tips from seasoned and expert shavers from all across the world to help those who are looking to up their shaving game so you too can be an expert.

History of Shaving

Throughout history, no man has held such an esteemed place in men’s grooming than the barber. They are lauded for their expertise on the taming of unwanted facial hairs. Trained for years to be precise with every glide of the razor, they make use of various tools and methods to get the perfect shave each and every time.

The art of the razors was then brought home years later when a man named King C. Gillette created the prototype to what would be the modern-day cartridge razors. Gillette revolutionized the way men now groom by making it easy and cheap. Now the knowledge of barbers have been passed to more men and made shaving much more accessible to men.

Shaving by the numbers

Advice from the experts

Never skip the prep

Preparing the skin and the hairs of your beard is key to getting the perfect shave every single time as it helps open the pores on your skin and smoothen beard hairs for an easier and time-saving shave. So it goes without saying that one should NEVER skip out on this step.

Pro-tip: take a hot shower before shaving or if you can’t do it like the barbers do by placing a hot moist towel on your face before you start shaving.

Shave time with the perfect shaving cream

We can’t stress this enough. A good saving is like finding a lifelong friend, it’ll never let you down by providing a barrier of protection between your skin and the harsh razor. Luckily for you there are many option that may suit all your needs so do your research.

Pro-tip: barbers say a good shaving cream is rich, creamy and less foamy. Leave the cream on your face for a minute or so after applying it to give it time to moisten and soften the hairs for a smoother shave.

Invest in a shaving brush

We know adding more to your shaving routine can get a bit complicated but trust us, a good shaving brush is the least complicated thing there is in terms of shaving. Using a shaving brush can help distribute shaving cream evenly, it also coaxes facial hairs to stand up for an easier cut.

Pro-tip: barbers recommend finding the right balance between stiffness and softness when choosing the right shaving brush. Brushes made from badger hair is usually the top choice.

Keep it sharp

A sharp razor does well in creating clean and perfect shaves regardless of the kind. Using a dull blade while shaving is the main cause of itchiness and razor burn so be sure to have a sharp razor at the ready. The rule of thumb is to replace the blade or cartridge every five or ten shaves if you shave everyday.

Pro-tip: Soak razors in hot water to lubricate them and to dislodge any stray hairs and cream accumulated along its ridges.

Don’t go against the grain

This is true for people who still don’t get the hang of shaving their faces as it could cause cuts and inflammation.

To help better understand where facial hair usually grows on, here’s a chart.

Pro-tip: drag a credit or index card along your beard to know exactly which direction your beard grows if the card goes by smoothly it means you’re going with the grain.

Dry shaving is a no-no!

Dry shaving is a bad habit for shavers as the risk of getting cuts and inflamed skin is higher than by prepping the skin and facial hairs for shaving. Plus it could severely damage the skin and could make shaving more time-consuming and challenging for you.

Pro-tip: Shaving cream isn’t the only way to avoid a dry shave. There are multiple alternatives to a cream the important thing is to protect the skin from the harsh blade and soften the hairs for an easier shave.

Shave the neck for last

We say this because the neck area is one of the most sensitive compared with the other areas of the face that needs shaving so it’s probably best to leave it for last to give the shaving cream some time to soften the hairs so it’ll be easier to save.

Pro-tip: tilt your head back and lightly tug at the skin before moving the blade in for a smoother shave. This’ll also help in preventing cuts.

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