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As working from home and staying indoors are fast-becoming a reality for some of us, one thing we definitely won’t miss are hassles of the morning rush. Now putting on sweats and doing work from the kitchen table is the new normal and is definitely more casual than our usual work day at the office. While skincare might not be at the front of people’s minds during the world’s current events, it’s important now more than ever to stick to it as it offers a form of familiarity and comfort not to mention the benefits your skin will get when you dedicate yourself to your routine. So whether you are maintaining your routine or starting a new one. Here’s a few quick reminders about taking care of your skin while you’re on self-quarantine mode.

Wear SPF It might seem pointless to put on sun protection when all you do is stay indoors but trust us, your skin needs it. Putting on SPF on the daily especially if you’re working in a place where natural light comes through will help you fight against skin-aging blue light. So don’t forget to slap on some of your favorite sunscreen before you start your day.

Add exfoliation to your routine An important part to any skincare routine, exfoliating at least once a week effectively sloughs off deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells as well as promotes skin rejuvenation. Just try not to go too crazy with it as it’ll result in irritation and breakouts. We recommend you skip scrub beads as they are far too aggressive on the skin. Use peeling gels or chemical peels instead.

Skip makeup (if you can) Finally ditching a full face of makeup on the daily is less off a hassle and does wonders for the skin. Letting your skin breathe lessens the stress your skin goes through on the daily and it’s one less step to worry about in your skincare routine.

Pamper your skin with masks and serums While your time indoors might lessen negative effects the outdoors might have on the skin, paying close attention to your skin and incorporating nutritive serums and masks to your routine are just some of the ways you could achieve a flawless glow. Look for products that give intense hydration and nutrition to your skin.

Lessen your screen time While binge-watching shows and scrolling through social media are staples to an indoor routine, it can do more harm than good. Exposure to blue light found in our mobile devices for long periods of time can actually cause premature aging. So reducing the time we spend on our phones or computers will definitely prevent damage and lead to healthier skin.

Take care of yourself inside and out While topical treatments do wonders for the skin, having good eating habits and a decent workout routine can also help in achieving the coveted lit-from-within glow we’ve always wanted. We all know the basics: get enough water, skip the junk food and keep active. So resist the siren calls of your bed and stick to a healthy routine and your skin will definitely thank you for it.

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