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It's the start of the new year and resolutions are being made left and right. Whether it's staying fit or saving enough for a well-deserved trip ⁠⁠— mentally preparing yourself is an important aspect when it comes to setting goals this 2020. So if you're struggling with your resolutions this year, why not try a few of these helpful tips.

1. Practice Mindfulness

woman meditating

When people think mindfulness, they think it's some form of yoga but it really isn't restricted to just that.Whether it's listening to Lo-fi or classical music, taking a walk outside for a bit or lighting candles finding your own way to gather your thoughts is the most important. It'll also definitely help prepare you mentally to make and keep your goals, a study says.

2. Enjoy the Outdoors

woman in nature

Making it a habit to appreciate nature has proven positive results for mental health, a study says. So whether it's just a leisurely stroll through a park or hike down a beaten path it'll be a definite help to your well-being.

3. Jot Down Your Thoughts

Aside from helping you remember important events, keeping a journal for your thoughts is proven to help you with goal-setting. It can also help manage anxiety and reduce stress so if you’re feeling a little confused or lost this year, you can never go wrong with writing it down.

4. Try Being Active

walking down a path

Regardless of whether it’s already part of your resolutions, doing physical activities are a great way to improve your mental AND your physical state. It also helps with mental focus as well as your energy. If you’re no into the hardcore stuff then we suggest you start at your own pace — a 30-minute walk or a light jog can really help set the tone for you and the rest of your year.

5. De-clutter Your Space

white background behind clean table

Starting things off on a clean slate, can do wonders for your mental health. Find out what does and doesn't spark joy ala Marie Kondo can help clear your mental headspace and prepare it for any big goals you have for this year. Start small if it's a little too much for you — your office desk, closet or even your purse are great baby steps towards your big 2020 resolutions.

6. Take A Social Media Break

men holding phones

We can all agree that spending too much time on the internet isn't healthy. So doing a social media purge at the start of the year can really help reset your focus and help you gather the confidence to try new and exciting things this year.

7. Ask for Guidance

The state of our mental health is always a top priority. And if you find yourself too overwhelmed or stressed these past couple of days or if you are diagnosed with mental health issues, it doesn't hurt to look for help if you need it. Seek help in any of the facilities here in the Philippines. Check out for an extensive map of all available mental health facilities in the country.

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