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Our 5 must-haves that’ll solve every problem you’ll have this summer

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Summer is finally here but before you don your bikinis and go traipsing around beautiful beaches, it’s best to prepare yourself for the many inconveniences this season might bring especially to your beauty. So we’ve listed off some of our favorite products that could help you battle the heat’s damage.

The Dilemma: Breakouts ruining every holiday pic you post on Insta

The Answer: Anti-acne products

Never let sudden breakouts get in the way of achieving that perfect sun-kissed glow this summer. Finding great skin care products that combat the dirt and oil that will most likely accumulate on your face in the heat is vital to get those instapics looking perfect while you’re on holiday.

We suggest you guys try the Botanifique’s Claribio Acne skin care line with its patented Helonex technology that targets excess oil secretion and effectively treats acne. Find more about the products here

The Dilemma: That sticky-feeling you get when you apply lotion during the summer season

The Answer: Body Butters

Feeling sticky in the Philippine heat is probably the most horrible feeling associated with this season. So if you’re ever worried that you may have to sacrifice your skin’s moisture by not using body lotions to not feel nasty this summer, we have just the solution. Body butter is a great alternative to regular lotions as they can be applied at night and can lock in moisture for up to 24 hours. We suggest you try Botanifique’s Hydrafine Body Butter infused with natural avocado, cocoa and baobab oil for intense moisture that’ll last all day. Find more about the product here

The Dilemma: Untameable, damaged hair caused by pools and beaches

The Answer: Hair Serum and Oil

Swimming in pools and beaches this summer can take a toll on your hair, as chlorine and salt found in the waters can severely damage and dry out hair. If you don’t want your hair looking like a stiff piece of seaweed while on vacation, we suggest you try the two-in-one powers of Aqua MIneral’s Infudra Nourishing Serum Oil infused with Abyssinian oil to bring moisture back to the hair and repair the damage done by harsh elements. Find more about the products here (insert hyperlink to website and product)

The Dilemma: B.O!!!!!

The Answer: Body Mists

With the heat slowly rising, there’s bound to be unwanted and unpleasant odors that may come with it. Sweat combined with bacteria is the worst combination there is! So to protect yourself from being the origin of bad smells, might we suggest you try Aqua Mineral’s Shimmering Body Mist? It’s lightly scented and infused with Chamomile extract guaranteed to cool you for this summer.

The Dilemma: Premature wrinkles due to sun damage

The Answer: Anti-wrinkle creams

Everyone knows the sun can take its toll on the skin especially during the summer months but before piling on the sunscreen might we suggest you try the Juveness De-wrinkle Cream? This product concocted with collagen, jojoba, and wheat germ oils intensely nourishes and repair sun-damaged and wrinkled skin. Use it at night for moisture that’ll last for hours.

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