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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Are you thrilled with what's inside?

Most of us are having a hard time going in and out of salons, spas, or beauty treatment shops because of too many hassles on their part, especially our mommies out there or even young adult women who have a lot of things ahead of their calendar schedules, or professional people who would rather stay at home on your rest days rather than endure a long commute to go to spas, or even when you still want to stay at home because the pandemic is still technically not over.

We at Elite Skin Perfection came up with a brilliant solution for you.

We proudly present to you the first Luxurious Elite Mobile Beauty Salon in the Philippines, which brings the total beauty you deserve next to your doorstep. Since 2019, our mobile beauty spa has serviced many clients. This is spacious and can accommodate one client at a time, it is also intricately fancied-up similar to our enhancement room at the physical salon. For a more visual preview, here are the in-depth interior look and procedures that you may expect when taking the journey of your “glow up” moment with us.


Skin Elite Perfection Mobile Salon makes sure of the safety of our valued clients as we follow guidelines and protocols implemented for the betterment of the beauty services we offer. In addition, every areas and equipment are well-sanitized, and the skincare specialist is fully-vaccinated before they execute the Skin and beauty treatments.

As for the clients, they must need to present any valid IDs, vaccination cards, and an information sheet to fill out for identification purposes.

Upon entering the mobile salon, our congenial facial specialist will greet you and gives you some instructions. She will carefully give the machine or also known as 3D Face Skin Scanner analyzer which thoroughly assesses your facial textures and some other facial skin problems in order to identify the best treatment in achieving an aesthetic yet non-surgical enhancement. The facialist will educate the client about the status of their skin using a machine (3D Face Skin Scanner Analyzer) and through a modern feature screen tab whilst expertly -

presenting the suggestive owned products that may apply to their bare face as a part of the next process later on. Obtaining informative details are what Elite tries to contribute besides excellent performance and effective brand or products they distribute in the market.

We want them to feel a sense of comfort and calmness during the procedure because it also helps them to bring out their radiant, natural beauty, and young-looking visage.

After all, the series of screenings will only take a brief minute (3-5 min.). The expert facialist will prepare the equipment she’ll be using based on the suggestive treatment that the client must pass through. These aesthetic tools include the dermatology ergonomic chair that Elite Skin Mobile Salon has, which absolutely gives a cozy feeling and easiness because of its special feature of possessing a remotely adjustable cushion.




Gold 24K Intensive Mask is a luxurious product that is formulated with special ingredients consisting of sheer 24-karat gold powdered particles blend with non-toxic and non-comedogenic extract, it is also created out of innovative cosmetic patents which promptly supplies a vibrant gold performance or radiant effect to faces as well as restoring all areas of our skin cells which may achieve a tightened, elastic, soft and astounding glass skin complexion.

These creams are best recommended for all types of facial derma so there’s nothing that may compromise using it, as much as they desire.

You might also try other 24k Gold Performance Collections:

  • GOLD 24k Intensive Face Cream

  • GOLD 24k Intensive Eye Cream

  • GOLD 24k Intensive Face Serum


This aesthetic equipment can able to reawaken the skin cell that immediately provides the feeling of absolute softness and smoothness of visage after the continuous usage of it. The facial skin also becomes brighter and healthier. Furthermore, due to consistent client demand, Iconique exclusively offers a VIP membership card for our gorgeous belle’ to experience these limitless and exquisite privileges.

The particular procedure along with Phantom Mask is called the V-Shape Contouring Facial Treatment which is a non-surgical or non-invasive facial reconstruction method in nurturing the visage appearance as an effect for maintaining the younger facial vibe. It is designed for firming and uplifting skin by combining RF muscle stimulation, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage treatment that tones facial muscle specifically the lower visage which results in a more evidently perfect-v shape contour effect.

You might also try modern beauty devices from Iconique:

  • Slim B

  • Ultra Scrubber

  • Vaiconique

  • Iconeck

  • Biophoton

  • Ultrasonic


After applying suggestive creams which may be compatible with the client’s skin type, the next process will be a deep cleansing routine.

Aqua Mineral has a patent formulated toner that will provide an appropriate motion to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and blockages in facial skin pores that result to regenerate the softness and glowing complexion of faces. This particular product that has been applied to her face is the Daily Dewdrops Facial Toner, which is a kind of tonic astringent that has an innovative element to bring out the solution for facial residues. It wipes away all the inappropriate impurities in our face which possibly plastered any exposed oil and sweat pores.

You may also try other basic facial toners and soap:

  • Daily Dewdrops Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

  • Daily Dewdrops Facial Cleanser

  • Loofah Facial Soap


The beauty equipment wherein we used a luxurious and modern facial machine that executes chromotherapy with different variations of colored light which reduces swelling, impurities, and inflammation of faces that helps to heal the wounds or remove dark marks caused by acne or pimples. This treatment is a modern technique that consists of visible ranges of electromagnetic radiation that can help to cure any facial skin complications and it has

also an innovative effect that has assigned a designated color light that may shine to a particular area which purifies the countenance.


After a series of procedures, the client would finally achieve an exquisite form of fulfillment because of quick and progressive results which may lead to a timeless youthful look and softer and candescent visage. The facialist will show off the effectiveness of products they applied through the reflection in the mirror which gives a sense of glow and confidence to the client.

On the other hand, the Elite mobile salon will provide freebies (aqua mineral products) as part of the package treatment or services they avail. This will be an additional dose of beauty enhancement for our beloved client which can able to provide a healthy and vibrant skin complexion.

Elite Mobile Salon, provides a luxurious atmosphere that brings beauty right through your doorstep. More accessible, no hassle, and surely will be able to achieve a youthful glow and an exquisite aura everywhere, anywhere, and forever.



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