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A Christmas ELIsTE to Santa

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Discover the perfect gift sets for a perfect love

Lights on; carols on. The season we’ve all been waiting for has officially arrived. Another year to spread good vibes and to give love to the people you’ve been with throughout 2021.

To all the women in your life,

Every woman’s essential is skincare. No doubt this will be a perfect gift for them if you want to have the best gift-giver award. Let them feel the magic of the youthful glow that lies in the Anti-Aging Collection. A comprehensive anti-aging and basic skincare for everyday use. It replenishes the skin with fundamental nutrients that improves the structural composition and complexion to keep you free and beautiful. Definitely an unforgettable gift for them.


To all the men in your life,

Surprise them with a gift they will never expect to have. It’s time to change their perception that skincare is only for girls because they do need it as well. Give them the relaxation women experience in pampering themselves. Get this Himbal Men’s Collection for them. It will calm and restore a natural protective barrier for all skin types. Himbal provides the ultimate three-step facial care solution to invigorate and refresh while strengthening the facial skin. This is made especially for men only. For sure, they’ll love it!


And especially, to the love of your life, you.

Spoil and give all the love and shine you deserve. Self-love is the most important gift you can give to yourself. Highlight Brightening Collection is a complete body care line that helps lighten sun and age spots and keeps the skin looking young and fresh. Composed of a three-step facial care system as well as a full-body lightening cream that restores youthful-glowing complexion.

Let yourself be taken care of with the best and top-performing products.




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