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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The coming of the new decade had us see a ton of changes. Whether it's good or bad, one thing is for sure—it's overwhelming. Add that to the list of things that make our life hectic; bills, deadlines or personal problems to name a few, it's understandable that we'd feel a little off-kilter. That's where the word 'self-care' comes into play. With its popularity online and people preaching the benefits of it, it brings a sense of comfort to know that there are certain measures you can take to shake off the feeling of dread you've had all week.


But why is there a need for this? Isn't it a no-brainer to seek escape or ways to reduce stress?

The answers may lie on the fact that people may not know whether or not they're stressed out. With life's ever-changing pace that's often hard to keep up with, our priorities might not always be to care for our well-being. We live in a society where getting ahead of the workload piled up, or staying on top of deadlines often trumps going away to de-stress. We're conditioned to live under constant stress in favor of compensation by means other than for our mental well-being. These might be tolerable (or even favorable) to some, but it's a sacrifice that has serious consequences.

We all know (and in case you didn't) that chronic stress can lead to issues physically and mentally. It can lead to problems with your digestive system, higher chances of stroke or even increase your chances of having depression.


So yes, self-care is important. And no, it isn't selfish. Finding time for yourself is fundamental to your health and well-being. Looking out for extreme signs of stress and knowing the right measures to deal with are the surest ways you'll get to live a happy and fulfilled life.


More than just a trip to the spa or a relaxing bubble bath, self-care is about making sure you're okay and well-equipped both physically and mentally for whatever the next months of 2020 (and the coming years after) throws at you. So whether it's a whole day dedicated to treating yourself or just small periodical acts throughout the day, be sure to put yourself first.



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