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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Aside from the occasional nail art tutorials you’ve come across on Facebook, most of us don’t really put much attention and effort on our nails (aside from trimming them maybe). Well, we’re here to tell you how important having a solid nail care routine is and how it may affect your beauty routine in general. Here are some of the reasons why you should keep clean and healthy-looking nails.

It protects

It might get easily overlooked but taking care of your nails is important because it serves to protect your fingers from any sort of damage from outside elements and can you imagine doing ordinary tasks like tearing things open or scratching without your nails? I know we can’t either.

It’s hygienic

Like any part of the body, your nails also need love simply because keeping it clean and healthy prevents you and others from getting sick. Having dirty and long fingernails puts you at bigger risk of getting an infection as dirt tends to hide deep beneath or nail beds if they’re unkempt.

It adds to your appearance

Keeping a tidy appearance from head to toe does wonders not only on how you view yourself but also how others view you. Not only that it’s also an area of your body where you're free to express yourself hence the plethora of nail art videos you can easily view online.


Do's and Don'ts

Now that we’ve covered how important nail care is, we’ve come up with some tips to giving your nails some love plus a few nail care essentials you absolutely must have.

Nail essentials:

Here are some of the items that definitely need to be a staple in your nail kit as they help in trimming, conditioning and beautifying your nails.

Nail Clippers

An absolute must-have, nail clippers work to trim nails to a safe and hygienic size and can also be used to shape your nails if you want a manicure. We recommend that you trim them every week to maintain strong and clean nails.

Nail Oil

Is a vital part of your nail kit as it brings much-needed moisture to your cuticles as they often tend to get dry underneath. They also condition your nails to withstand damage either from everyday tasks or from regular appointments to nail salons.


Nail buffers should always be on your nail kit as it’s also a way to trim your nails to your desired size and shape it also gives your nails its smoothness and luster. We recommend you buff your nails once a week during a manicure.

Hand Cream

Your nails aren’t the only thing that needs some TLC. Rough and dry hands can also be a problem if left alone so we recommend you use ultra-hydrating hand creams to give you soft hands to go along with your beautiful nails.

Cuticle Nipper

Cuticle nippers are handy to have to get rid of those nasty hangnails you might have since forcible pulling at hangnails can be extremely painful and could be the cause of ingrown nails which is also very painful. Keep cuticle clean and tidy by using this handy tool.

We Recommend…

Aqua Mineral’s Professional Nail Kit which has all that you may need in keeping your nails clean and trim.

Find more about the products here.

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