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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

In the midst of emerging and passing beauty trends, applying body lotions on the skin seems to have been one of the few tried-and-tested ways to make you look and feel beautiful. Body lotions are such a staple at home, that maybe your mom or even you have purchased really big bottles of it to keep for a longer period of time. And you should since there are a handful of benefits to using them on a daily. Here are a few of them:

Rehydrates dry, cracked skin

Probably one of the most obvious reasons why we use lotion is that it prevent the skin from getting dry and cracked whether the cause is the climate or a health condition, body lotions offer great protection fro the skin by locking in natural moisture found on the skin making it more hydrated.

Makes you smell amazing

Yet another reason why we love body lotions is that they come with a wide range of scents (although unscented alternatives are available for those sensitive to smells) aside from making you smell amazing the varying fragrances give you options to suit your personality and needs.

Helps you relax.

Aside from giving your skin intense hydration, body lotions are also a great way for you to relax. As the creamy feel of the lotion especially if infused with ingredients such as chamomile or lavender oils can soothe your tired torso and limbs.

Makes your skin glow.

Yet another weapon in body lotion’s arsenal, some varieties are now formulated to add glimmer and shimmer to the skin. So if you’re looking to glow like the gods, we suggest you up your body lotion game.

Protects from sun exposure.

Skin damage is no joke especially if it’s from sun exposure and with a tropical country like ours it might be inevitable save if you use body lotions. If you’re not into the smell and sticky feeling of regular sunscreen, you’ll be glad to know that some variants of body lotions offer up some SPF to not only hydrate the skin but acts as a shield from harsh elements.

And if you’re looking for amazing quality body lotions that packs a punch, might we suggest you try Aqua Mineral’s Velvet Touch Body Lotions? This amazing product is infused with sesame, jojoba, olive and avocado oils which invigorates and deeply nourishes the skin. Find more about this product here.

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