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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

If you’re still unaware, face masks have been taking the beauty community by storm. Made popular by Kdramas, it’s now made its way to the mainstream by being used by influencers and gurus left and right for the past couple of years and for good reason. Face masks in whatever form they may come, offer a number of benefits and can be specifically targeted to treat various skin concerns.

So if you're new to the face mask game, it can be a little overwhelming or even confusing to look at what’s on offer but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the varieties of face masks we’ll even sprinkle in some recommendations (wink wink).

Clay Masks

Clay masks are one of the best ways to target and treat clogged pores and congestion as they work to lift impurities from the skin, improves skin texture and minimizes pores which makes it perfect for oily and acne-prone skin. Look out for masks that are not only good for deeply cleansing your face but are also infused with a ton of minerals and nutrients.

Apply this product to thoroughly cleansed skin and leave it on for no more than 5 minutes and then wash it off.

Why not try…

Aqua Mineral’s Refining Facial Mask as it is infused with nutrients and minerals from the renowned Dead Sea. It works to refine texture and stabilize oily secretions while nourishing your face.

Peel Off Masks

Peel Off Masks are probably one of the most talked about as they have a wow effect as seen by countless review videos you can see online. As their name suggests, this type of mask is one you actually have to peel off your skin. And while they seem intimidating enough their pretty straightforward and they’re also pretty effective as they work to remove dead skin from the skin’s surface layers, unclogs pores and encourages cell turnover and gives your skin the glow it deserves

Plus peel-off masks are often vitamin, plant-based, or fruit extract-based, and formulated with charcoal, antioxidants, and botanicals so it also gives your skin some much-needed nutrients.

Why not try…

Botanifique’s Gold Era 24K Facial Masks as it not only deeply cleanses your skin and improves your skin’s texture but it’s also infused with the anti-aging effects of gold leaving your skin feeling luxurious.

Wash Off Masks

Wash off face masks are just as the name describes, are masks that are designed to be removed from the skin via rinsing away with lukewarm water. These types of masks come in a large variety to choose from that work to target various skin concern and needs. Here’s a list of a few of them along with our favorite products we think you should try.

  • Nourishing Masks - These masks are designed to repair and deeply nourish the skin to revitalize the skin. The best part about it is that even when you wash them off, they will generally leave a small rich layer over the skin, acting as a moisturizing layer to protect the skin even after use. Botanifique’s Claribio 2 Nourishing Mask as it is intensively fortified with Heelonex™ technology, clinically proven to reduce the common signs of problem skin, Claribio 2 Nourishing mask is specially formulated with refreshing lemongrass, cooling peppermint and calming eucalyptus flower to help reduce spots and blemishes.

  • Hydrating Masks - These forms of wash off masks are unique in the sense that they are usable by all skin types. Hydrating wash off masks works to provide fast hydration that penetrates deep into the skin, instantly restoring balance. Botanifique’s Herbeautiful Facial Mask offers just that as it is infused with nutritious rosemary, basil, and sage, Herbeautiful Facial Mask penetrates into the deepest skin layers to tone and tighten the pores as it enriches the face with vitamin E and omega-3 antioxidants to combat free radicals.

  • Brightening Masks - These type of maks are amazing if you’re looking to even out your skin tone and brighten your face. These masks typically contain special ingredients that brighten dull skin. Using a mask with AHAs, antioxidants, and Vitamin C helps in healing the skin internally. Use a brightening mask that is made with natural ingredients. Botanifique’s Highlight Brightening Facial Mask not only brightens your skin as it is infused with Japanese mandarin extract and calendula oil it’s also made of 100% natural ingredients so you get a powerful dose of nature with every use.

Find more about the products here.

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