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The quality or state of being healthy in the body

and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort

Beauty + Health Wellness Manila started to hold an event for the first time after two years the pandemic hits the Philippines and the rest of the world. This phenomenal fair happened last September 22-24, 2022 both physically happened at the SMX Convention Center and with a new way of a business strategy called metaverse wherein, the fair participants could able to create their booth in the virtual realm as well as a bot chatroom for the prospective clientele who desires to purchase any of the products or services they offer. The participants have an avatar to assist the customer service matters whatever they projected through the physical booth therefore, they called it Hybrid Edition because it was the very first time they came up with this innovative and diverse concept.

Cosmetigroup International Corporation (CIC) presenting Elite Skin Perfection joined the fair and completely launched the booth design taken by Botanifique theme which is related to forest and nature. The company has wholeheartedly participated in this event project, as well as the other expos such as Hotel Supplier Show & Interior Design Manila 2022 which showcased their creativity and unique style of stalls. The event also had some series of incorporated shows that tackled the products or services features corporate gifts & premium, food and beverages, furniture fixtures & equipment, and hospitality tech.

The CIC booth performed a demonstration of how the particular product will become so effective which automatically has a fast result by applying it to the skin in just a period. The company brought a mini-like treatment room for the guest who would desire to avail of a variety of treatments that have been offered to the usual client.

This was an awesome expo platform that was open for auctions wherein everyone could purchase their premium products at a less expensive cost. It was an overall excellent expo of this year 2022 therefore, Cosmetigroup International Corporation (CIC) is looking forward to being a participant next year in another successful expo of the year 2023!

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