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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you... yes, it is Christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand.” - Mother Teresa


In this season of love, care, and thoughtfulness, the pillars show amiable traits beyond the spectrum of beauty wherein everyone finds their ultimate purpose. Cosmetigroup International Corporation (CIC) found an avenue to share its abundance with Signal Village National High School (SPED) and it shows the greatest and noblest mission of the company to perform the true spirit of the Yuletide Season by giving gifts, and fans for good ventilation and goodie bags to the “Special Angels”.

These children flaunted talents for dancing and singing as their symbol of a grateful heart for the generosity of the CIC hence, almost fifty-plus kids had a “Tatay” (father) and “Nanay” (mother) for that remarkable event of these angels' lives. The simple things they want to receive have illuminated the pure hearts of all employees, therefore, it fills them with the spirit of cheerfulness whilst distributing those presents and food.

The company chose this department because they want to support these special angels for creating a positive impact on society by seeing their genuine smiles, innocent eyes, and how lovable they are to all the people who appreciate and understand the scope of their condition.

Signal Village National Highschool (SPED) cultivates the creative thinking and skills of

these angels through a specific project that guides them to create beautiful and artsy crafts and then sell them at affordable costs that will be added to their funds which will be used for sustaining the needs of children who have no akin or family to watch their welfare. The simple things to them matter because these angels are very appreciative even of the smallest gesture of showing kindness and act of altruism.

Cosmetigroup International Corporation has a huge heart for these children as part of its unending support for different charities, special projects of volunteerism, and absorbing employees who envisioned life-changing experiences under their prosperous business. The company is not only prioritizing selective individuals yet it is open to all people who are looking for much better opportunities to enhance their lives through high-quality pieces of training and enhancement of personalities.

These special angels need a high form of appreciation and love from people not because of what society must acquire them to do yet it is for these angels to express their emotions in their unique form of innocence and have the purest hearts. May their faces light up, inspire the whole world, and hope to touch every corner of everyone's hearts.

Have a blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from the growing family of Cosmetigroup International Corporation! May success and endeavor be upon us!

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