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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

The search for the fountain of youth is still ongoing but instead of finding one-off solutions to combat the signs of aging. People are turning to simple, everyday things that if done routinely could help you age youthfully.

Here are a few of the tried-and-tested tips for keeping healthy and youthful-looking skin despite your age.

Replace coffee with tea

It might be harder for most of us to get rid of our morning cup of joe but believe us when we say it’ll do you a lot of good as it could mean having fewer wrinkles. Experts say that any diuretic drink can cause the skin to lose moisture which can result in dull and saggy-looking skin.

An alternative to a morning pick-me-up may be a cup of tea (especially white tea) as a study found that enzymes found in tea work great to improve the elasticity of the skin which keeps it firm.

Apply SPF

It’s no secret that the sun can do damage to the skin but don’t take our word for it. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 90 percent of visible signs of aging are caused by sun damage these include wrinkles, sagging and skin discoloration. So in order to prevent the accelerated signs of aging caused by the sun, we recommend you use sunscreen with SPF higher than 15.

Drink plenty of water

Having your daily fill of H2O can do wonders for your skin as it promotes better blood flow throughout your skin which prevents skin repair from decreasing, Plus staying hydrated helps flush out toxins which could give you a healthier-looking appearance.

Exercise regularly

Staying on the move could definitely help you look young in the long run especially for those over the age of 65 as a recent study shows working out roughly three times a week changes the body and reverses “skin age”. It turns out exercising prevents the dermis from thinning, and the outer part of the epidermis from thickening which makes the skin look decades younger. Exercise is also known to help in clearing up blemishes such as acne by flushing out toxins and reducing stress.

Catch some Zs

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Sleeping on time can actually help fight off the signs of aging as it gives your body’s cells plenty of time to rejuvenate and repair itself. Getting in your 8 hours is also good for collagen production as most of it happens overnight which makes your skin plump and healthy-looking.

Regularly visit your dentist

Your dentist appointments are crucial to keeping your pearly whites well, pearly white. Going in for regular cleanings and checkups can keep your mouth healthy by removing plaque and calculus from your teeth which help makes your mouth look younger and healthy.

Don’t let stress affect you

Being under constant pressure can take its toll on our bodies and it shows. Recent studies have found that stress induces oxidative stress which can damages cells and can cause premature aging. Finding ways to let go of your stress either through exercise or meditation can do wonders for your skin and can prevent a number of signs characteristics of aging like wrinkles, eye bags, and gray hairs.

Eat healthily

We really can’t stress this enough eating healthy is one of the most solid ways for you to keep your skin healthy and younger-looking. We recommend up your protein and antioxidant intake as they make your skin healthy and glowing.

Watch your salt and sugar intake

In connection to eating healthy, we also recommend you lessen your salt and sugar intake. As eating too much salt can make you retain water resulting in puffiness while sugar causes damage to the body’s collagen (through a process called glycation) which can result in wrinkles, deep lines, and sagging skin.

Treat aging skin

Looking for skin care products that directly targets aging skin is vital to making sure the skin stays young especially if you’re over the age of 30 as it helps combat the more obvious signs of aging. Products enriched with Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E can definitely go a long way in making your skin look amazing regardless your age.

Why not try…

Aqua Mineral’s Youth Essence Serum enriched with vitamins A, C, and E and minerals from the renowned Dead Sea which works to increase the skin’s moisture retention and promote a radiant, youthful appearance.

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