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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Now that we're just mere days away from Christmas Eve, we can put the stress of planning, prepping and shopping for all the parties and get-togethers and just sit back and finally relax ⁠— or not. Despite meticulous planning you can't help small hiccups from happening and potentially ruining your holiday especially if it involves you and how you look. So if you're feeling the pressure to look put together just in time for the holiday festivities then we got you. Here are some common mishaps and how you can avoid them.

Facial treatments at Elite Skin Perfection

Mishap #1: Dull-looking skin

Going to big holiday events looking a little dull despite a full face of makeup, stylish 'do and that bomb af dress? It might be your skin that's the problem. Whether it's due to stress or environmental factors the fact is that your skin needs a little love. And if that's just the case, then we got the solution for you. Head on over to Elite Skin Perfection and get one of their acclaimed facials.

With professional staff and top-quality services, Elite Skin Perfection will give you and your skin the care it needs. With curated facials to suit every skin type and products that targets specific types of skin concerns, trust us when we say you're in good hands.

Book your Elite Skin Perfection facials here.

Botanifique's Claribio 4 Spot Gel

Mishap #2: A surprise breakout

We all know blemishes have great timing when it comes to appearing on our face and if you happen to be in one of these situation then worry no more, here's the quick solution to it all. The Claribio 4 Spot Gel from Botanifique will be a lifesaver for those surprise pimple pop-ups because it naturally dries it out overnight so pop some on the problem area and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Buy Botanifique products at their official Lazada store.

Aqua Mineral's Infudra Nourishing Mask

Mishap #3: Untameable tresses

Any hairstyle could look like a mess if your hair won't cooperate. So if you want to prevent any major hair disasters from happening on your holiday, we recommend using the Infudra Hair Mask from Aqua Mineral. This product deeply conditions the tresses making them soft to the touch but strong enough to withstand any 'do.

Buy Aqua Mineral products at their official Lazada store.

Aqua Mineral's Puffiness Eraser

Mishap #4: Dark circles and eye bags

If rocking the 'I haven't had enough sleep' look isn't your thing then here's a product for you. Aqua Mineral's Puffiness Eraser enriched with Eyeliss™ technology will erase any inflammation or discoloration on your under eye area. Use this wonder-product before any big event and avoid getting asked by well-meaning relatives if you've gotten enough sleep.

Aqua Mineral's Nail Kit

Mishap #5: Boring-looking nails

If you're not into rocking elaborate nail art but still want your nails to look put together then we suggest you condition your hands and cuticles so they look neat and presentable in every occasion. We highly recommend using Aqua Mineral's Nail Kit. This product is an all-in-one kit that'll moisturize, condition and protect your nails from damage. Did we mention they'll give your nails an incredible shine too?

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