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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Let’s talk hair. There’s denying it’s one of the most important part of our body in terms of beauty and most people will go to great lengths just to keep their locks looking smooth and beautiful. So if you’re looking to make more effort in terms of your hair, we’ll share some of our ride-or-die products that our guaranteed to become real staples for you.


Yes, we’ve stuck these two together because one should not exist (or used) without the other. Look for products that are paraben, chemical and cruelty-free products that don’t damage your locks and the environment. We highly recommend Seamantika’s Shampoo and Conditioner Set which intensely nourishes your strands. Infused with argan oil and Pro-Vitamin B5, these product enhances the hair’s elasticity giving it a lustrous shine.

Seamantika is now available in Lazada! Check it out!


Hair masks are an absolute staple to have if you want to give your locks some TLC right at the end of the week. Let your locks soak it in for 15-30 minutes to help your hair revitalize and you’re good for the rest of the week. We can’t get enough of Aqua Mineral’s Nourishing Mask from their Infudra line. It’s formula made of Abysinnian oil, unsaturated oils and chamomile extract makes for the perfect concoction to repair damaged and dull hair.

Find more about the product here.


Using a good heat protectant product can save you a lifetime of damage. Use it right before styling your hair and it could prevent frizzies and moisture loss. We use Aqua Mineral’s Nourishing Thermal Protection Spray to keep the damage away. Infused with Abyssinian oil, keratin and carrot seed oil, it coats each and every hair strands and shields it from heat damage.

Find more about the product here.


Hair serums work to drive moisture and nutrition in the deepest parts of your locks. Just apply a couple of drops and run it through your strands and you’ve got lustrous hair for days! We love Seamantika’s Mineral Hair Serum since its infused with hydrating argan oil and Vitamin E and rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals which can give volume and body to your hair.


The secret to great hair starts from the roots (literallly) a healthy scalp makes for long and luscious hair so giving your scalp some love will go a long way to making your hair look amazing. We canèt recommend Aqua Mineral’s Nourishing Scalp Treatment which is packed to the brim with nourishing Procapil which encourage hair growth and resistance resulting in healthy and strong strands.

Find more about the product here.

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