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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

From electric cleaning tools to handheld slimming devices, the beauty community is up to its neck in so many advances that sometimes it’s hard to keep up! But with hefty price tags and complicated operations, one must wonder if these high-tech devices are even worth giving a try. Luckily new and emerging brand Iconique is launching soon in the Philippine and it’s introducing some of the latest advances in the beauty industry. We tested some of them out and we’ve come up with five of our favorite devices that are sure to become staples in your beauty routine.


Electric cleansing brushes are one of the top trendy items to own right now. Praised by beauty gurus left and right, these handy tools work to gently and deeply clean your face. Iconique’s Iconibrush comes with three separate brush heads that can be used to suit your needs. Plus it’s also sleek and easy-to-use!


Having a slim neck and prominent collarbones are the envy of women all over. Luckily, with the Iconeck you can achieve a model decolletage area without so much a fuss! It uses high-speed massage, light therapy, and heat technology to effectively slim down the neck area and rid it off toxins for a healthier and youthful glow.


Are nose strips and painful peel-off mask not enough to get rid of your incessant blackheads? worry no more with Ultrascrubber. This revolutionary device uses vibrations and ultrasonic technology to loosen up oil and sebum build-up in the pores where it can be easily scrapped of by device’s spatula. That’s right SCRAPPED OFF. Plus this product is pretty satisfying to use.


If you want a slimmer body without much effort look no further than Iconique’s Slim B! The device promotes slimming results using advanced LED, radio frequency and CV ultrasonic technology. Use this device once every two weeks to get a toned and slim body.


Want a quick solution to puffiness and swelling? Biophoton is the answer. This device uses LED light and temperature technology, the device gently massages the skin’s surface layers to improve the skin’s blood circulation or reduce swelling.


With years of experience creating, developing and marketing various products aimed at revolutionizing beauty from head to toe, Iconique has been one of the world's leading experts at beauty. The company strives hard to provide easy-to-use, stress-free beauty products for various concerns involving beauty since its establishment.

Find out about Iconique and it’s products here.

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