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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

If you're an avid Aqua mineral fan (if not you should be!), then it'll come as no surprise that you own one of these amazing nail kits.

And if you're not, then we're here to tell you that it is AMAZING.

If you're tired of dull, uneven and unhealthy-looking nails then look no further. Aqua Mineral's Nail Kit is especially designed to bring out the beauty in your cuticles. Its products contain natural moisturizing ingredients to strengthen and nourish your nails.

What's included:

Nail Buffer

This four-sided buffer sloughs off dead skin and polishes nails revealing smooth and healthy-looking nails.

Nail Oil

Formulated with grape and rapeseed oil, this unique concoction that nourishes and moisturizes dull and dry cuticles.

Nail File

The kit also comes with a nail file so you can file it whichever shape you want.

Hand and Body Lotion

The kit also comes with Aqua Mineral's Velvet Touch Hand and Body Lotion to soften and smooth your hands.

Find more about the products here.

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