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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Sounds from the dosing steel roll-up doors break the stillness of the silence from the previously well-lit establishment. One by one, employees trickle out of the place to make their way home. Alone kiosk in the middle of the now quiet hub hosts two ladies dressed in black with blue trimmings as they prepare to pack it in for the day. One of them beams from ear to ear as she shakes hands with yet another satisfied lady with bags full to the brim with various skin care products aimed to keep her skin look and feel healthy. Yet another great end to Merilyn Agas’ day as a Beauty Consultant.

Merilyn Agas

Her story with Aqua Mineral takes us back three years ago when Agas came back to the Philippines after working overseas as an OFW for two years. While on a stroll in a mall, she came across one of the many Aqua Mineral kiosks and was given a soap sample. Little did Agas know that the employee who handed her the sample would become a fellow employee and longtime friend of hers. The employee, Rio Rico saw potential in starry-eyed Agas and urged her to apply at Aqua Mineral. Agas immediately took the opportunity, got hired and never looked back since.

As exciting as it is, work would also be challenging, trying and tiring. “Not all days are the same, sometimes it feels like you are a child that cool Christmas morning opening presents but other times it’s really tough to close a deal,” she admitted. But despite the challenges the retail and beauty industry entails, Agas is ready. She has garnered well-needed experience through the help of her co-workers and has developed a strong work ethic and attitude that wins over customers and co-workers every time. She says viewing work challenges as a blessing in disguise actually helps her keep a positive attitude when she’s going through a tough time. She notes being positive not only boosts your mood personally, but it also boosts the morale of the whole team.

And while Agas faced adversity with her current profession, she persevered and found her place in the hearts of customers by showing genuine concern and interest in them and their needs. She says it feels amazing to know that her clients are raving about the products she introduces to them. Her passion for her work and providing quality service to her customers is probably the reason why customers flocking to her for service is a regular occurrence. She notes the reason why she stands by so strongly behind her company and its products is that they're made especially with the results in mind. She says the products’ performance speaks for itself and is probably the reason why many clients come back to them.

She is now working for almost 3 years in Aqua Mineral with no intention of quitting her job as a Beauty Consultant any time soon. Using her family for inspiration, she continually strives hard to deliver the same enthusiasm for her work and customers as her first day on the job. Merilyn Agas’ triumph as a Beauty Consultant is no easy feat and is a testament to how hard work and a genuine love for the job is the winning combination to success.

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