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The employees and management of Cosmetigroup Int’l Corp (CIC) successfully gathered last March 13 of 2022 in the ticker of Legazpi main office at Makati to grant recognitions and informative updates after almost 2 years of pandemic disruption.

Pandemic drastically changed the economic and social stance of people for almost 2 years and it greatly affect most businesses all over the world. According to a survey conducted by Statista Research Department, 64% of the households had a member who lost their jobs whilst 34% of alter surveyed respondents asserted that they weren’t affected when Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) was implemented in the Philippines which was dated last March 16, 2020 though, despite these conflict trite, one of known beauty company in PH stand still. CIC proved the resilient characteristic of the corporation in retaining the high-quality of management with the different aspects of their employees’ interest. The executives held the very first physical RE general assembly who presented remarkable encouragement or motivational speeches to acknowledge the huge amount of dedication and perseverance of members of each team under this particular business. They’d announced the gradual yet steadfast growth of sales even during and after the pervasive problem arose (Covid-19). The corporation set this event exclusively for management and employees to also tackle the mere adequate benefits they would obtain as being part of the corporation. In addition, the higher-ups drove the eagerness in laying down on the table those new protocols that shall be implemented within the premises of the company, essential reminders, and lastly, the optimistic vision of the company’s standing in the next years to come by providing high-caliber services and products in the aesthetic market industry.


Recognized for the hard work is priceless"

Being recognized for the hard work of one’s individual is very priceless as what Cosmetigroup Int’l tries to convey in this momentous’ informative gathering. Mr. Eli Ben Shalom (Chief of Sales and Marketing), explained the substance of a great salesperson who is capable to create a catalyst of changes in all their work performances for the betterment of one’s life. Particular personnel (Sir Jay) gave his testimonial insights to authenticate Sir Eli’s uplifting phrases, and so he quoted, “What you think is what you become, you must start your day with a positive outlook and it end your day with positive as well.” It only proves that having a positive mindset will lead our duties to be very feasible to accomplish.


The first physical general assembly of Cosmetigroup Int’l this 2022, aims to intensify the yearning passion of each employee to be on their best foot forward in achieving dreams for their family and for themselves though, the current situation imparted temporary shutdown to most of the main resources. International Labor Organization (ILO) released further analyses related to labor market disruptions when COVID-19 happened. According to their studies, pandemic and multiple widespread lockdowns led to losing a huge amount of working hours that were tragically equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs, which resulted in almost $3.7 trillion lost labor income. The status of employment improved in the second quarter of 2020 when it switched to work from home however, ILO is still not complacent that the global working hours will return to their normal range in the next years. On the other hand, the COO of Cosmetigroup Int’l Corporation never renounced the hope of their people because they were able to remain strong in spite of struggles with the rampant surge of the pandemic that partly stricken down the

entire world. CIC continuously gives hope and progression in the lives of their workforces whether tenures or neophytes. Hence, a particular employee is inspired to tell a story with the rest of the crowd by simply stating an impactful message on how the corporation helped her life from being nobody to now become somebody. The COO also shared his hearten perception about the determination of giving a hundred percent best in everything we do, which absolutely resulted to create an admirable destiny that we’re all visualizing in the future.

“Everything is possible, it’s within your mind, people who want to create a better future for
themselves, for their family, for their kids, for their elders. Whatever it is, whatever the
reason or whatever it is that you may want to achieve it’s all in your mind. And whatever you
would like to earn, that is what you will earn…” – Idan Segev, General Manager of Cosmetigroup Int’l Corp.

This assembly is hopefully the start of more relational interactions within the different departments that would awaken the full cooperation to fix provisional chaotic system ‘cause of global dilemma. Everyone Is nevertheless awaiting to see such constant triumph by consistently adhering to bring preeminently products and services to their valued clients.

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