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2019 is just a few days shy of coming to a close and with it, the decade. And boy did so many thing happened to the world this year, from major news event to the latest beauty and fashion trends, it seems this year's end is going to be one for the books. And since this year will also mark the start of anew decade, we thought what better to end this year with us than to start a new tradition. We'll look back at all the unforgettable memories we've had this year to give thanks to all that we've accomplished. Here's our memorable 2019.

Event-full Year

This year was filled to the brim with events. Cosmetigroup Int'l Corp brands Aqua Mineral, Botanifique and Elite Skin Perfection all participated in their fair share of bazaars, beauty fairs, company parties and even beauty pageants. 2019 was also the year of partnerships for the company as we've collaborated Ateneo, Leflair and Venteny respectively on their projects.

Here's all the events we've attended this year:

- Israel Embassy - International Bazaar

- American Women's Club of the Philippines

Giveaways Galore

It was also the year of giveaways this 2019 as the company's brands gave away products and goodies as a way to thank our valued clients for their continued support for our brands. Products, vouchers and a trip to Boracay was given this year. Wonder what we'll give away next year?

Lots of Love

This year was a big one for Cosmetigroup Int'l Corp in terms of the love we've been getting both off and online. From first and long-time buyers to bloggers, we've been feeling the support from our clients this 2019.

To New Beginnings

The company also welcomed new additions to its growing family this year. With multiple branches opened and many more in the works slated for next year, the company is one step closer to realizing their goal: bringing their products to as many locations as possible.

And Many More to Come

This year's blessings are just the beginning for the company and its brands. We'd like to thank our clients both old new for continuing to support and believe in our brands. We hope that this year and the next will be as bountiful as the ones we've had with you.

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