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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

The adage “failure is the best teacher” certainly hold true for most people but none more so for this hardworking lady who took all her past mistakes and turned them into successes as a beauty consultant at Cosmetigroup International Corporation.

Laarne Udani Galono first joined the company in June 2018 with the determination to succeed at her job in sales. She never thought that she’d be faced with such hardships until later on when she continuously got scolded for not making the sales quota. She said that her failure frustrated her as she’d work extremely hard during her tenure at Aqua Mineral’s Shangri-la branch. So after two years of working in sales, a chagrined Galono resigned from her post.

Despite the massive heartbreak over leaving her job, Galono was still determined to stay with the company and thus applied as a call center agent at Cosmetigroup’s head office for a month but when an opportunity to try her hand at sales again came about with the opening of a branch in Greenbelt Makati, she immediately took it. When asked about her decision Galono said she wanted to prove to people that she can succeed despite failing the first time.

La-arne Galono

She said her positive attitude, hard work and the motivation to provide for her family are what propelled her forward in her career. And her hard work did pay off in the end as she was given the employee of the month award for her outstanding work in driving up sales in her perspective branch. When asked what her tips were for any aspiring young people out there looking to hit it big in sales, “It’s going to be hard if you’re not used to it but if you work really hard at it and never lose hope there’s sure to be success!”

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