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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Over 200 children residing at Taytay Rizal was given back to school packages by Cosmetigroup Int’l Corp last May 27, 2018.

In cooperation with the local government of Taytay, Rizal, CIC family visited the municipality to entertain, feed and give much-needed school supplies to over 200 children who were going back to school this year. Atty. Joyce Dapat, CIC’s President mentioned the importance of giving thanks to the community and sharing the company’s blessings, during her speech at the event with the theme “We Change Lives”. During an interview with Gretchen Duroga, Assistant Administrative Officer mentioned that the company is always keen on improving the lives of people as evidenced by the company’s prior efforts to renovate an employee’s house.

“The management has always believed in improving the lives of people. It is the testament of a great company when it not only cares about the year-end reports but also it’s employees to thrive with them and to include them in the community in its growth.” Duroga said. Inclusions of the back to school package given to the children are a school bag, stationery set, clear folders, and notebooks.“It is not only good for the community, but it is also good for the morale of the employees who joined as well. Knowing that we have helped the less fortunate in the smallest way that we can while looking at the happy smiles on their faces, the twinkle in the eyes of the children and the overwhelming happiness of their parents make it all worth it.” Duroga added.

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