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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Cosmetigroup Int’l Corp gets showered with a number of accolades from award-giving bodies in the Philippines.

Last year was definitely an eventful year for CIC brands Aqua Mineral, Botanifique and Elevatione as they are lauded for their efforts to bring the best of beauty in the country. The brands are recognized by multiple award-giving bodies for their excellence for consistently providing amazing products and services to the Filipino customer.

Aqua Mineral, Botanifique, and Botanifique were awarded at the Philippine Best Quality Brand 2018 at Teatrino Greenhills last year with Aqua Mineral, Botanifique and Elevatione winning the Most Outstanding Beauty and Wellness Brand, Most Outstanding Skin Care Brand and the Most Outstanding Beauty and Wellness Product categories individually. All three brands were also honored at the Best Choice Awards at Richmond Eastwood Hotel last year winning the Premium Cosmetic Brand category.

Botanifique and Elevatione also won distinction from the Netizen’s Best Choice Awards held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas winning Best Choice Skin Care Products and Best Choice High-end Cosmetic Brand respectively.

The prestigious National Product Quality Excellence Award 2018 also gave Aqua Mineral the honor of Best Skin Anti-aging Dead Sea Cosmetic Products at the latter half of 2018 at the Diamond Hotel, Roxas Boulevard closing yet another excellent year for CIC.

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