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We are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas time. -Laura Ingalls Wilder

COSMETIGROUP INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (CIC) held the most patriotic theme of a Christmas Party because the set-up was a Filipiniana motif. In addition, the corporation chose "Paraluman” as the title of the year-end event which is derived from the in-depth vernacular word — BEAUTY with “baybayin” (Philippine Script known as Abugida) under its name. And the management selected this unique title because it is related to the whole business operation of the company which offers high-end aesthetic products and a variety of skin treatments.

This event happened on the 12th day of December at Baluarte De San Diego, Intramuros in Manila which is very timely because the place is one of the most historical places in the Philippines in the era of Spaniards Colonization.

The program's highlight is the musical band of Black Rosary and the dance performance of PNU Kislap which is mainly folk dances gracefully performed in front of the crowd while the band relives the OPM in the mind of every employee who attended this one-of-a-kind party. The awarding ceremony was also held to give inspiration and appreciation for the dedication of their employees by recognizing their effort of bringing victory to the company as a mere symbol of legacy.

The event itself amazingly gave the vibes of the historical spectrum, especially the fusion of the mobile bar from premium up to its rural set-up which served two varieties of alcoholic drinks, the affordable and the expensive ones. The Paraluman is a victory for everyone that created unforgettable memories for all who participated in this year-end party.

The higher management took the lead in giving the awards to all passion-driven employees of Cosmetigroup International Corporation coming from different teams such as Greyhounds, Phoenix, Dragons, Tiger Shark, Lion Dream Team, Wolves, and Team Falcons. The company also opened the event for small entrepreneurs of local and native woven products such as bracelets, bags, and other wardrobe items and they also invited a tattoo artist (Pinta) for those employees who will cater their services, including piercing and henna art

Cosmeti De’ Museo was also been part of the highlight of this wonderful event which has different photos displayed at the easel paints and an old television box that played selected videos of CIC’s Christmas parties thrown for the last years ever since the company started. It gained a lot of fondness from the people at the party, it was placed next to the photobooth therefore it became their one-stop attraction on this particular occasion.

Cosmetigroup International Corporation has this tradition of throwing impactful events annually, which leaves limitless joy to all the growing family members. Have a blessed Christmas to everyone who imparts a vital part of putting a legacy to the beloved company.

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