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With brands like Tata Harper, Caudalie and Boscia taking the lead in developing all-natural alternatives to skincare, It's no wonder other brands international and local are following suit.

The spotlight now shines on products which contain ingredients that deliver a multitude of skincare benefits but won't make that huge of an impact in our environment. And who would be a better muse for all-natural ingredients than mother nature herself!

Brands are now focusing on garnering certain properties in plants to make our skin look and feel better. From rose, witch hazel, and jasmine.

Here are some of the flora that is now commonly found in our skincare products.


Most commonly found in cleanser (Nuxe) and toners (Fresh), rose is a versatile ingredient that can be used with almost anything. It's packed with moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin looking soft and supple as well as other benefits listed down below.

Skincare benefits of rose


Commonly infused in tea, Lavender has been the go-to plant to use if you're having trouble sleeping. The modern age has found more innovative ways to use this specimen. Applied topically, it can do wonders for acne since it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Skincare benefits of lavender


Another favorite, witch hazel is most commonly found in toners (Thayers) as a mild and natural form of astringent that gently lift impurities from the skin's surface. It conditions and repairs the skin improving t's look and texture.

Skincare benefits of witch hazel


Chamomile is yet another ingredient frequently used to soothe inflammation and speed up the skin's healing process. They're chock-full of antioxidants that slow down signs of aging.

Skincare benefits of chamomile


More than being used in teas and fragrances, the jasmine plant is commonly infused in skincare products as an all-natural non-comedogenic ingredient that is guaranteed to not irritate your skin. It also fights off free radicals resulting in fresh and younger-looking skin.

Skincare benefits of jasmine

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