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The heat is getting hotter when Cosmetigroup International Corporation celebrated the coolest, most memorable, neon lights rave pool party this year 2022 which happened at Herbal Hot Spring in Calamba City.

On this mid-year occasion, the company aimed to provide the relaxation that the employees deserve, aside from being a way to the hustle and bustle of the city, they also set up a chill vibe mobile bar to offer different booze such as margarita, bubble drink, bl*wjob and way a lot more for employees that bring an elated ambiance to everyone but the imperishable part was the “boodle fight” that caters to a variety of meals from night until daytime. They also prepared Lechon, kinds of seafood, and also a barbeque 'cause CIC desired to satisfy the cravings of the crowd, especially their tummy to be full.

Dancing, singing and catching up with bosses or co-employees coming from different departments relating to their everyday experiences whilst getting in the mood with the hot temperature of the pool. The fire dance of Phoenix Dancer was the flame on the top of the lava presentation which possessed amazing stunts that caught the awe and disbelief of the people right after the energetic introduction by the host.

It was a night to remember especially the music that was set by the professional deejay who also gave the jive to move and sway the hips of the crowd and it wasn’t the exciting area of this particular venue but also the photo booth that offers different attire or props you could choose before facing the lens and pose in front of the camera either solo or with your best colleagues.


Fierce and the cry of victory among the crowd. The bulldogs gave their best to hear the growl of being a champ from the distance. Go bulldogs the end game is still with us!


The team has a sharp mind, and sharp determination to bring home the trophy and so they were. Giving their best on chants and moves, therefore the team became victors!


The dreams flew high with the team when they sauntered to the entrance, shouting their name to keep the king of the jungle with their ace and fleece!


Team Dragons gave a powerful yell at the top of their lungs to possess the unity of the cluster and prove that they could shine out of all the teams even though they were the smallest group among all of them. Go logistics!


The pack of wolves was ready to fight and conquer the trials so as their battle cry that night. The team’s motto was to never surrender even if they were just a tiny pack out of the crowd.


They were the joyous and full of energy, not a slow-moving team instead they proved that the turtle with the bee is a powerful combination of perseverance and passion to be victorious!


The CIC employees were divided namely bulldogs, wolves, dragons, turtle bees, tiger sharks, and the lion dream team for the next day's cheerleading competition. All the teams confer and execute their well-prepared presentation in front of the judges, showcasing their talents, and yells therefore every team gave their best shot at winning the title and prizes as a champion for the 2022 cheerleading competition but only one cluster brought home the bacon of success, which is no other than, the Tiger Shark Team with much of their colorful paint props on their faces and lifting stunts that made them “wow” the judges.

Cosmetigroup International Corporation gave an appreciation award in the Assembly as the final part of the program to those employees who gave their full effort and dedication to their field that contributed to such progression of the company and also encouraged the employees to be more persevering in their profession.

This pool party 2022 as a whole is one of the perks that unveils the camaraderie and relational bond with all the members of CIC. It provides the spirit of teamwork and leadership that may also have a positive impact on making the development of each personality that will greatly affect the performance of everyone.

To hotter and more fun pool party in the next wave and splash of happiness to the CIC Family!

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