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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

If you're having a hard time to find the perfect moisturizer to suit your skin then we got you. Play the quiz below to get matched!

Products mentioned:

Experience the restorative sensation of this ultra-hydrating cream, enriched with nourishing olive oil, soothing lavender cotton, and antioxidant orange peel. Fortified with Birch Tree Sap™, a moisture-intensive cocktail of natural minerals, to help renew tired, dull skin, for immediate silkiness. Upon contact with the skin, an intense burst of antioxidants releases and fights free radicals to rejuvenate facial skin, enhancing a youthful, healthy appearance.

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This wonderfully balancing day cream gives you the glowing balanced complexion you want while firming and nourishing your skin. Based on the revolutionary Renovage™ patent, a unique active ingredient that is known to work through human DNA to prolong skin cells’ lifespan and encourage cell growth and renewal. The remarkable formula includes restorative Grape Seed Oil, Calendula Oil, and Olive Oil, as well as Shea Butter and soothing Pomegranate and Chamomile Extract as well as Aloe Vera for ongoing hydration.

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Remarkable Tightenex™ and enriching 24K gold, combine with added vitamin E in this luxuriously textured cream that can help boost the skin’s collagen for a firmer, more supple appearance. The ideal skin-supporting formula, complete with the antioxidant effects of calendula flower and grape seed oils, lipids and essential acids, helps strengthen and protect the skin, as the hydrating effects of velvety shea butter calms, softens and cares for even the driest skin.

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Handcrafted with lemon juice, lemon peel, and potent Melaslow technology, Highlight Brightening Moisturizing Cream is specifically designed to reduce skin blemishes and age spots, while shea butter and jojoba enrich the skin with intensive hydration. Infused aloe vera, borage seed oil, and basil work together in this unique formula to soften and lighten the skin, restoring a uniformly smooth and radiating complexion.

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