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'A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.' -John C. Maxwell

Leadership Training is essential, especially in a professional space it enhances our ability and elevates our skills to lead a team accordingly. It gives us a clear definition of our designated position in the organization as well as the responsibilities that we have to sternly follow to attain one goal for the welfare of the company and every member of it.

Cosmetigroup International Corporation conducted free leadership training for all the higher-ups in each department with Ms. Tinnette Cortes the personal development mentor and chief executive officer (CEO) of Consultasia Global last September 06, 2022. The goal of this training is to enhance and develop the skills of the superiors for the betterment of their team to reach the pinnacle of productivity through different strategies likely the rise and fall of leadership, and how to balance the management skills within the organization which falls upon the way of leadership they had under their supervision.

Based on the discussion, Ms. Tinnette emphasized that identifying the strength and weaknesses of each leader within the organization will give a notion of the characteristics that they must practice inside and outside the premises of each department. The principles of being in the position must need to be knowledgeable of setting apart the professional and personal relationships with colleagues. In addition, the subject of financial management, branding & reputation, operational excellence, and other matters that involve handling people are what make us reach our highest self-actualization as an individual therefore it was also enclosed in the leadership training she held. The grounding gave highlights to the 5 levels of leadership according to John C. Maxwell that proved to maximize your highest potential.

5 Levels of Leadership

  • POSITION [Rights] - this leadership level relies on company policies, rules, and regulations as well as a systematic method inside the premises of one organization to provide an impact on the employees.

  • PERMISSION [Relationship] - when the leader asks their employees to create any of their tasks, the response is immediate, and trying to do their best. They will try to provide a solid solution because they feel respected, ideas or notions are being acknowledged, and the whole trust were given.

  • PRODUCTION [Results] - they create an important legacy and are result-driven in their organizations. Anyone in the team can ask for a reliable consultation and can able to inspire and encourage everyone by having an outstanding performance.

  • PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT [Reproduction] - nurture the people under his/her supervision to be a builder of the nation and a catalyst of change. They are investing their full effort, time, and money to produce leaders by increasing the leadership potential of those individuals.

  • PINNACLE [Respect] develop the reputations of their organizations and produce innovative individual to be part of the team. They are excellent in their field and are sufficient in their capabilities.

Cosmetigroup International Corporation (CIC) values the people who work for the organization, therefore, they are trying their best to produce well-developed leaders to create a very significant outcome in every project they have. As there goes to say, success starts with those individuals who are open to changes and possibilities.

Kudos to CIC Family!

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