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Assembly is kind of fun for everyone!

It is a joyous and fun-filled assembly that happened last Sunday, April 03, 2022, in Paragon KTV at Cubao, Quezon City. This event is thoroughly an edge of delight that brought an enormous smile to all sales associates and the management itself, as part of a generous return to those pinnacles of sacrifices and efforts while performing in their field.

Cosmetigroup International Corporation (CIC) held the first and official face-to-face huddle after a pandemic interference occurred globally. It is to build camaraderie, good relational bonds, and ignite the passion within their tickers as referred to in the saying,

“Motivation not only comes with having a high-paying job but having the best employer in town,”

and fortunately, CIC offers these two aspects in the lives of their employees. Obtaining such appreciation from the management is fulfilling yet triggering a euphoric vibe, which makes them desire to stay in their “home”. This is what CIC wholeheartedly set forth by these members therefore, it is the reason why all of them make their best effort to achieve their endeavor by utilizing excellent performance and enormous sales.

The first chunk of the program was to be led by Mr. Eli Ben Shalom, the newly promoted general manager of Cosmetigroup International Corporation. He asserted that the management came up with this assembly solely to acknowledge the associates’ ability to be more inspired in their daily operation, it was also for those chosen employees who deserve an award for their full dedication and love for their

crafts. Besides these matters, Mr. Ben Shalom generously added the icing on the top of the cake by also granting a special compensation or performance bonus. He desired that this assembly would be mostly light, full of inspiring moments, games with special prizes, laughter, and, of course, showcasing their vibrato skills whilst singing their favorite songs on the list.

Afterward, the night wasn’t complete without the commendation and full-blown speeches of regional managers for some informative updates and an avenue to encourage them to outstretch their ability to hit the allocated percentage of profits, to have a more rewarding amount of privileges and benefits which came from the abounding hands of Cosmetigroup Int’l Corporation.

In addition, this assembly integrates the functional aspect of teamwork because it profoundly proves that being zealous with every task given by them will have a fruitful return on investments which only pertains to a high incentive, commissions, fun events, and more. The bountiful presents for awardees who were categorized as top sales associates, along with a particular game called Hip! Hip Hooray! immensely gave highlights to their elated occasion, which was rewarded mostly by cash. This evening of celebration is not only marked as a formal vibe of a forum, but it could turn into an optimistic, fun-loving, and uplifting movement for the whole management to touch the core of their employees.

The Paragon KTV was being flooded by sumptuous food, booze, mellifluous sounds of an echoing voice coming from their ledges, and limitless stories of success for everyone.

Cheers CIC!


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