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“Keep your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuously always have more people to see than you have time to see them” - Brian Tracy

Cosmetigroup International Corporation (CIC) took the lead in the general assembly last October 2022 and this usual event has this awarding ceremony for sales consultants who showed off an excellent performance, particularly this month.

All the top management gathered in a conference to pull off some specific topics and reminders for them to continually give inspiration and boost the confidence of every employee whenever they’re working in the field. The specific topics were the terminals and other devices that have been up on different stalls which were being discussed by the manager of the Information Technology Department and also minor changes in accounting and financial matters that have some series of transactions between both parties which was discussed by the Chief Financial Officer. Lastly, the Customer Care Department handled the vital part of the discussion as it is the most crucial topic because it talks about how to professionally handle clients and the enhancement of communication between the customers and the consultants, hence it supplies good rapport between the company that profoundly gives value to the clients.

One of the inclusions of the program was giving presents for the October celebrants, which was how the company appreciates even the slightest events happening in employees’ lives.

Everyone is doing their best to aim for the peak of excellent performance therefore, the management is also giving their desirable quality awards and activities for sales consultants as well as Call Center Department. They also chose the employees who gave outstanding performances for two consecutive months in the Call Center Department which has been recognized by the company to create an inspiring day-to-day basis of work.

General Assembly of October really reached the point of following the protocols and trying to help every employee to do their very best in each field to implement these interventions that might have a huge positive change and execute well the mission and vision of the company's future endeavor.

Keep on keeping on Cosmetinians!

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