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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Curious about what goes on behind the doors of Elite Skin Perfection? Get the deets from one of our clients herself! Lifestyle blogger Frances Beltran dishes out her experience at her appointment at our EDSA Shangri-La branch.

Frances went to one of our branches last October to give her skin some much-needed TLC before her birthday. As soon as she stepped in, she immediately gushed about the establishment's staff behavior.

"As soon as I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm behavior exhibited by the staff. When one thinks of the sophistication attached to the store, they usually expect very reserved and cookie-cutter employees who only interact with you to offer their assistance. I was astounded by just how friendly the aestheticians were while still maintaining an appropriate air of professionalism."

She also went on to talk about the establishment's exterior and how it exudes the level of calm she needed for the facial.

© Frances Beltran
© Frances Beltran

"It also helped that my room perfectly stimulated calmness and serenity with its neat interiors and plush furnishings"

As for the facial itself, Frances briefly explained what happened as relayed to her by her ever-helpful aesthetician.

© Frances Beltran
© Frances Beltran

"...this facial focused more on extracting dirt from my pores and flattening inflamed zits. They don't do any form of pricking, so that was a huge relief to me and my sensitive skin. The overall process spanned from cleansing, exfoliation, to hydration, making it a well-rounded session.

In total, the whole experience lasted at least an hour and a half. Right after I finished, I was pleased to find out that the facial yielded immediate results especially with my active pimples."

Her verdict?

© Frances Beltran
© Frances Beltran

"My face felt cleaner overall! In truth it didn't make miraculous or major changes, it did provide me with a well-nourished base."

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About Elite Skin Perfection

Elite Skin Perfection is a combination of relaxation and skincare at its finest. This shop houses the top quality brands and services from its sister brands Aqua Mineral and Botanifique.

Providing world-class services and products are at the heart of Elite Skin Perfection. Curating facial treatments that relax, rejuvenate and reinvigorate that are on offer in-shop or at home through appointment.

An authentic luxurious spa experience is what defines Elite Skin Perfection.

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