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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

A solid skincare routine is one of the keys to getting amazing Instagram-worthy skin, but it's not always easy. What with the changing seasons, hormones and varying skin types getting in the way--perfecting a skincare routine can become quite a challenge if you're not too careful. Luckily we've gathered 10 of the most common mistakes people do with their skincare routine and how to correct them.

Mistake #1: Wearing makeup to bed

We know that going to bed is probably the highlight of a particularly long day but don't do it just yet: especially if you're still wearing makeup. Making this a habit will result in clogged pores. So no matter how tired you may be, make it a point to remove all the gunk of the day away from your face first before hitting the sack.

Mistake #2: Over exfoliating

We understand the allure of squeaky clean skin from exfoliating but doing too much can cause micro tears on your skin or even enlarge and dry out pores. So limit your exfoliation to at least once a week to prevent your skin from getting damaged.

Mistake #3: Not wearing SPF on the daily

As far as we're concerned, sunscreen is not only used on a trip to the beach. Sun protection if regularly applied, can spare your skin from a lot of damage (that can cause skin aging and sun spots) from the long run. So lather on some SPF before going out.

Mistake #4: Using too many products

While we can't deny that skincare products do so much for our skin, it's also worthy to note that putting on too much can affect how much the skin absorbs it. So if you have some serums to address various concerns, we recommend that you alternate them instead of applying them all in one go.

Mistake #5: Not following the correct sequence for products

Just randomly putting on any skincare product within reach is not a great habit. Doing so may keep the products from being absorbed deeper into the skin where it's needed. A general rule of thumb, when applying your skincare products in the correct sequence is to go from the thinnest formula down to the thickest that way you won't ever get confused.

Mistake #6: Touching your face too much

Making a habit of touching your face can spread all sorts of bacteria as wells as aggravate the symptoms of various skin concerns. So making a conscious effort to reduce touching your face can help the skin in the long run.

Mistake #7: Not getting enough water

Getting enough water in your system can do wonders for the skin. The more hydrated our skin is, the more it encourages cell repair and collagen production, the secret to bright and glowy skin. So never skip out on the chance to get enough water!

Mistake #8: Tugging your eye area

The area around your eyes is very delicate so tugging downwards may cause fine lines and wrinkles to form. So make it a point to go easy on the eyes by applying products by using your ring finger (as it is the weakest of all fingers) and be careful not to tug but gently pat it on.

Mistake #9: Choosing the wrong products for you

While shiny packaging or affordable price may look convincing, the number one basis on whether to buy a product or not should be if it's suitable for your skin. Most skin problems stem from people using products not suited for their skin type or needs. So do your research before purchasing a product.

Mistake #10: Leaving your skin bare after cleansing more than 1 minute

Probably a mistake most people aren't aware of making, leaving your face bare for more than a minute after cleansing can cause it to dehydrate faster as the pH balance is still off from cleansing it. Don't forget to apply toner immediately after cleansing and you're good to go!

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