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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

The lady standing at the middle of the kiosk donning a black with blue-trimmed dress might not be enough to warrant a second glance but her bright and warm smile is what reels people in and talk to her. Kim Loraine Beronilla has worked for the company for over 12 years now. And even though she hasn’t been here for long her colleagues, particularly her superior, Noa Oppenheim has nothing but praise for her employee. “Loraine is one of a kind. She is one of the best beauty consultants I’ve had on my team and is always professional with her clients”. Her professionalism for the job might have come from her previous experience as a sales clerk at SM Southmall. Beronilla says she only stayed there for nine months but the experience she had propelled her to excel at with Aqua Mineral.

Kim Loraine

And one would imagine it was no easy feat for her to accomplish, at only 30 years old she’s been hard at work at a very young age to provide for herself and her family. But despite the challenges, she says she really found her calling as a beauty consultant. Offering warmth and sincere service to every client she interacts with, her positive energy radiates off her enough to affect her colleagues. “She is truly remarkable. Her positivity for everything she does allows for her and everyone around her to grow and flourish.” Oppenheim said. “She is very responsible, dedicated and loyal to her colleagues, bosses and the company,” Oppenheim added. When asked what made her pour so much of herself to her work Beronilla said “There’s more to be gained from the job aside from the hefty incentives” she adds the work environment, her team and the love for the job is what pushes her to work hard.

And her future seems incredibly bright as Oppenheim says “I truly believe the sky is [not] the limit for Loraine. I have high hopes for her to keep on the right path and make any of her dreams come true.” Indeed, this lady is a force to reckoned with and one to watch out for.

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