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#MeF1RST blogger's eventat Elite Skin Perfection
©Cosmetigroup Int'l Corp

Pasig City, February 2020. Content creators and loyal customers gather at Elite Skin Perfection's EDSA Shangri-La branch for its annual bloggers' event. The #MeF1RST event is one of the many to center on the topics of self-care and mental health awareness; part of the company's advocacy. A mix of CIC's loyal customers, content creators and five lucky winners from the event's social media contest were in attendance to learn more about taking care of oneself amid stress in this modern world.

Speakers Her Fabros and Andi Tabinas at #MefiRST event at Elite Skin Perfection
©Cosmetigroup Int'l Corp

The exclusive event featured two guest speakers Andi Tabinas whose work on a crowd sourcing map of the mental health facilities in the Philippines is lauded worldwide and Her Fabros who worked with DSWD as a peer counselor for troubled youth. Miss Fabros talked about the importance of stepping away from sensory overload and the five ways of dealing with stress. Miss Tabinas stressed the importance of applying the five love languages to yourself and compassion to others with her talk.

"The company cares a lot about its customers and so we want them to put themselves first just as we have put them first." Her Fabros said of the event. "We hope that people gain insight about mental health through this event" CIC's Marketing Associate Migui Sanga noted on his closing speech at the event.

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