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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

If you’re one of the many people who are new to the makeup game, then you’ll know the dilemma of having to buy an entire brush set without knowing what they’re for and whether or not it’ll work with the makeup products you’ve got. We’ll we’re here to tell you that we’ve got low-down on all kinds of brushes — what they’re for, what products work best with them and what to look out for when looking for the best type of brush. We’ll even give you a few recommendations while we’re at it (wink wink)

Foundation Brush

While using your fingers is an entirely plausible option for you, using a brush to apply foundation can help you achieve an airbrushed and seamless blend.

What to look for: Brushes with natural hair strands as it glides on the face and applies the products smoothly.

Blush Brush

Getting a splash of color on your face can be done in a cinch using a good blush brush.

What to look for: Brushes with natural hairs and a domed shape that pick up pigments easily and evenly distributes it among the planes of the face.

Powder Brush

An absolute must-have in everyone’s makeup stash, this brush helps set your makeup by dusting on powder all across the face.

What to look for: The fluffier the better. Find brushes that have natural hairs that i’ll distribute products evenly to set the face.


Treat spots and other blemishes properly by using a concealer brush to accurately hide those pesky imperfections.

What to look for: Synthetic flat brushes that are tightly packed to pick up the cream product and seamlessly blend it on the face.

Eyeshadow Brush

This brush comes in handy for packing on shadows on your lids and is also essential to get you to achieve multiple looks.

What to look for: a good medium-sized brushes versatile enough that you can create a variety of looks with.

Blending Brush

A great way to soften the edges and seamlessly blend your shadows together is to use a good blending brush.

What to look for: Long-haired brushes that effectively softens pigments for a sexy and smokey look.

Crease Brush

A good crease brush may come in handy for a variety of eye looks as it packs in the pigment in your crease while diffusing the colors altogether.

What to look for: Long-haired brushes that have a bit of a point or is dome-shaped to pack in the pigment in the hollows of your eyelids.

Brow Brush

Used for even application of cream products for perfect brows every single time.

What to look for: Small, angled brushes are the way to go when creating sharp and straight lines for your brows.

Lip Brush

Just like the name suggests, a lip brush is basically for your brush. Used for even application of bold lip products for the perfect pout.

What to look for: A flat and narrow brush made of synthetic fibers so it can transfer the pigment onto your lips properly.

We Recommend…

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