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From the seemingly logical to the down right ridiculous, myths have always pervaded the beauty industry for years. Some of them are actually proven to work and some of them, not so much. We've compiled some of the most commonplace myths when it comes to beauty and debunked them so they won't waste your time with being ineffective.

Myth #1: It's helpful to warm acne in the sun - this process dries acne.

Sun really dries out the skin but the skin reacts to it by secreting more oil that clogs the pores. Moreover, long exposure to the sun without protection can promote a sun allergy, which causes the appearance of blemishes. Myth #2: Cream should be applied to the face working upward.

Many people are sure that there are special rules for applying creams to the face and that circular motions from the bottom of the face to the top will enhance the effect of the cream. In fact, there are some rules on how to apply face creams but these hand motions don’t make much sense. Myth #3: An even tan is the main indicator of healthy skin.

Tanning is a protective reaction the body has against damaging effects. A good and even tan says that the skin is damaged and is trying to protect itself. Myth #4: Removing moles can be harmful to your health.

mole is a pigmented formation on the skin. Moles can have different colors and shapes. Most moles are harmless but some of them can turn into melanoma under the influence of external factors. That’s why it’s necessary to remove all benign lesions on the skin. This medical procedure is absolutely harmless. Myth #5: It's useful to wipe the face with ice.

Swiping ice across your face is not good for everyone because low temperatures can harm the skin. As a result, blood flow can be disrupted. Additionally, puffiness and spider veins may appear. Moreover, a decrease in the function of the sebaceous glands leads to a loss of elasticity. This procedure should be ignored by those who have dry skin, while others shouldn’t overuse it. There are many facial cosmetic products that have better effects than ice.

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