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26th General Membership Conference- Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

Philippine Roadmap to Economic Recovery


Ms. Jonah Bolanos (Business Operations & Development Officer) the major representative of Cosmetigroup International Corporation together with the H.E. Ambassador, Ilan Fluss (Embassy of Israel) in the 26th General Membership Conference held in Dusit Thani.


The Cosmetigroup International Corporation a proudly member and one of the principal sponsor of 26th General Membership Conference which is an annual event that unfortunately interrupted or thwarted for the last two years because of the surge of pandemic happened worldwide, it has always been led by the Israel Chamber of Commerce In The Philippines and now finally occurred in a physical event last August 03, 2022 in Dusit Thani.

This non-profit organization desires to tighten and escalate the bi-lateral trade between the Philippines and Israel especially at this times of gradual move in terms of economic recovery to our beloved country "Orient of the Pearl". The Philippines under the new administration ruled by Pres. Bong-bong Marcos is still in the midst of adjustments with scheming aspect on how to develop the solid execution of those programs suggested by his cabinets and some honorable ambassadors who absolutely wanted to provide an unending support in mostly necessities especially in the marginalized sectors.

H.E. Ambassador of Israel, Ilan Fluss, stated during this conference the optimistic vision of the new administration towards the economic stance of the Philippines, and as vividly desire to be part of these target goals of our beloved President and his cabinet members, the Israel ambassador gave his positive approval and upright motion that whatever the plans of the government in the next six years, the Israel will pledge to give their unified decision to further enhance or strengthen the Philippine-Israeli relations particularly in rebuilding the nations to be the tiger of Asia by the proposed programs laid down by the full blown power of those in the positions under the new administration.

Along with the ambassador of Israel, Mr. Alfredo E. Pascual, secretary of Trade and Industry and the President of ICCP Mr. Yoray Ofek, gave their own insights about the gradual growth of the country since the Covid-19 partially subside this year, for them this is merely the restoration of what an economic devastation greatly affect all the Filipinos in terms of their everyday living, the ICCP president also asserted the limitless gratitude of the Israeli's in our country as our forefathers helped them against the Nazi's in the time of "death era".



The VIP Members with the H.E Ambassador of Israel held a victorious toast for everyone as a symbol of positive beginnings, victory of the organization ahead of the future especially for all the traders, sponsors and people who attended the event this unforgettable evening.


CIC's as the principal sponsor of the event has been really elated because this is such a pleasure for the corporation to be engaged in this promising yet productive social function of traders in an over-all matters in relation to economic status of the country.


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