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Maxi Smooth Men's Shaving Cream

Richly textured and velvety smooth, this cream is based on a mixture of natural oils and is formulated to ensure a nourishing and relaxing shaving experience. Aloe vera and chamomile extract relax and soothe the skin, restoring a sense of pleasant freshness, as stimulating ginseng and Dead Sea minerals leave the skin fresh, lively and smooth.The combination of sweet almond oil, jojoba seed, grape seed and rich argan oil provides hydration to the skin surface, as shea butter and coconut ensure a completely effortless shave.

Before shaving, thoroughly wet the face and apply a layer of cream to the area to-be shaved. Reapply during the shave as needed. After shaving, rinse thoroughly in running water

How to use
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Maxi Smooth Men's Face Cream

Nourishing and hydrating, this innovative cream is based on a rich yet light formula containing a powerful dose of vitamin E, known for its antioxidant activity, and soothing rose hip oil, regarded as effective in preventing lines and signs of aging; it is fortified with exclusive Renovage™ for firm, flexible skin.

Apply to cleansed, dry facial and neck skin after shaving. Massage in using circular motions until fully absorbed.

How to use
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Maxi Smooth Men's Aftershave Balm

Specially designed to replenish the face with antioxidant-rich hydration post daily shaves with nourishing Dead Sea ingredients, aloe vera and calming chamomile extract to soften the skin and deliver maximum nourishment to deeply rejuvenate and enhance the skin’s tone.
The unique blend of botanical ingredients and totally pure essential oils includes skin-soothing aloe vera and chamomile extract, Dead Sea minerals, deeply nourishing Dunaliella algae and vitamin E. Ideal for normal to dry skin, it will leave your skin feeling as good as it looks.

Apply to your face and neck after shaving. Massage skin using gentle circular motions until fully absorbed.

How to use
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