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Capture the Beauty

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The iconic beauty technology provides a remarkable journey for an individual.

Caviar Relaxation Eye Cream

The caviar relaxation cream has the removes puffiness around the eyes and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles near the corner of it. It has a cooling effect when applied, and the immediate effects are visibly seen all around the eye area.

Caviar Eye Cream.jpg


The Iconi-Shield Device, designed for facial beautification uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin.


Germanium Touch

Driven by innovation, this facial roller utilizes forward-thinking technology for skin that is revived, toned, and uplifted with overall improved facial contour and lymphatic drainage.

Germanium Touch.jpg


The AQUAPIK Device is set to revolutionize your dental care experience with comfort, safety, and gentle teeth cleaning technology.

Aqua Pik.jpg

Bioten Brush

Your new photodynamic massage comb takes the principles of meridian Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine with vibration, phototherapy, and massage.

bioten brush.jpg


The Iconeck is a unique device aimed to reverse signs of aging in the décolleté area. 



The Maxiclean is designed specifically for men and women's skin and is suitable for sensitive to normal skin conditions. 


Slim B

The device promotes slimming results using advanced LED, radiofrequency, and CV ultrasonic technology.


Ultra Scrubber

The Ultrascrubber is the revolutionary step to your skincare routine.



The Biophoton is your new professional spa expert at home.



The Ultrasonic is the newest way to pamper your skin.


Emerald Z

It’s an over-the-counter LED infrared device that ermits energy in the red & infrared regions of the spectrum.

Emerald Z.jpg

Phantom Gold

Manage face and neck for skin elasticity and wrinkles improvement and are available to use depending on the user's needs.

Phantom gold.jpg

Phantom Milux

The device is composed of low-power LED light rays rather than conventional high-power LED light 

Phantom milux.jpg

Elipticity 180

A revolutionary phototherapy device that offers healing and antibacterial effects of LED devices to your whole body.

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