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Basic Face Collection

The essential facial collection provides the general regimen of skin care products that show remarkable effects and have a good outcome on facial skin texture.

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The luxurious products that belong to the collection of anti-aging that are used to prevent premature aging and help the facial skin  attain a youthful radiancy.

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The Body Care Collection has various products that are naturally designed to enhance particular areas of the body with their restorative properties of natural oils and combine the potent exfoliating power of the Dead Sea minerals. These variant minerals flush the external layer of toxins and dead skin cells that cause dull appearance and other skin conditions.

Body Care  Collection

Light and Bright Collection

Gold Performance Collection

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Light and Bright

Experience the transformative power of our Light & Bright Collection. This incredible range delivers rapid and impressive results, effectively reducing the appearance of dark spots and acne scars. Our uniquely formulated products work wonders by gently exfoliating dead skin cells and stimulating skin renewal, leaving you with a radiant and even complexion. Unveil the potential of your skin with our innovative Light & Bright Collection.

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The Gold Performance Collection is known for its sheer beauty of 24-karat gold flakes combined with remarkable cosmetic patents that create each piece with a restoration aspect that provides elasticity, glowing complexion, and vibrancy.

Gold Performance

Premium Collection

Optima + Collection

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Explore our remarkable collection of cutting-edge anti-aging solutions meticulously crafted to unlock the boundless potential of potent ingredients residing deep within your skin, guaranteeing unparalleled efficacy that lasts.

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These collections have hydrating properties to lift dull, premature aging skin and other skin conditions with pro-vitamins B5 consists of Anti-aging Dead Sea Minerals and Resistem patents that help to combat free radicals and lessen existing wrinkles and creases, that visibly bring elasticity to any mature skin.

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Maxi Smooth

Discover the life-changing benefits of Dead Sea Minerals and the nourishing combination of Jojoba, grape seed, and avocado oils. These luxurious components unite to awaken exhausted skin, leaving it renewed and rejuvenated. By delivering essential hydration, our formula seals in moisture, fighting off harmful free radicals and eliminating toxins. Expertly designed for men, this revitalizing treatment is the ultimate answer to achieving and preserving a glowing, vibrant complexion.

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A top-of-the-line hair care collection created for professional beauty salons naturally develops with the invigorating particles of Dead Sea Minerals known for vitalizing properties Abyssinian seed oil and keratin extracts that strengthen, nourish, and protect the hair, promoting healthy appearance with shiny texture. 

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