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Hydra Power

Hydra Power Wrinkle Filler.jpg

Hydra Power Wrinkle Filler

Designed to deliver an immediate, wrinkle-filling effect, Hydra Power Wrinkle Filler blurs the signs of aging by smoothing facial skin and replenishing it with supple elasticity. Essential collagen and moisture-intensive Birch Tree Sap™ combine with jojoba, avocado and wheat germ oils to instantly fill fine lines and wrinkles help and erase years from your appearance, leaving your complexion looking youthful and wrinkle-free.

After cleansing, apply directly onto wrinkle-prone areas and massage in gently using upward motions.

How to use
Hydra Power Moisturizing Cream.jpg

Hydra Power Moisturizing Cream

Experience the restorative sensation of this ultra-hydrating cream, enriched with nourishing olive oil, soothing lavender cotton and antioxidant orange peel, and fortified with Birch Tree Sap™, a moisture-intensive cocktail of natural minerals, to help renew tired, dull skin, for immediate silkiness. Upon contact with the skin, an intense burst of antioxidants releases and fights free radicals to rejuvenate facial skin, enhancing a youthful, healthy appearance.

Apply an even layer to cleansed facial and neck skin. Massage in gently until fully absorbed. For best results, use daily after Hydra Power Enriching Serum.

How to use
Hydra Power Thermal Mask.jpg

Hydra Power Thermal Mask

Uniquely designed with an herbal infusion of moisturizing olive oil, soothing lavender cotton and clarifying orange peel, and fortified with vitamin-rich Birch Tree Sap™, Hydra Power Thermal Mask heats on contact with water to open the pores and clear away impurities as it hydrates the skin with luscious nutrition. Shea butter, coconut and grape seed oils replenish tired skin with natural moisture as peppermint helps clear away blemishes leaving a fresh, smooth and radiating complexion.

Apply a thin layer of the mask to dry facial skin until fully covered. Tightly close the lid to ensure the contents of the mask are not exposed to moisture! Wet hands and gently massage in the mask for approximately 30 seconds until the entire face is covered in an even layer. Let the mask dry for 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results, follow with Hydra Power Enriching Serum.

How to use
Hydra Power Puffiness No More.jpg

Hydra Power Wrinkle Filler

Puffiness-No-More is a powerful anti-ageing microcream that works effectively to diminish the appearance of fine lines and puffiness around the eye area. Enriched with EYELISS™, this unique complex works to instantly tighten and smooth the sensitive skin around the eye. The result - a fresh & youthful appearance within minutes!

Put a few quantity of the product over the spatula then apply under eye area then gently swipe it up until fully absorbed by the surface for fast and effective result.

How to use
Hydra Power Enriching Serum.jpg

Hydra Power Enriching Serum

Ultra-nutritious and formulated with a concentrated herbal infusion, Hydra Power Enriching Serum is based on rich olive oil, soothing lavender cotton and clarifying orange peel and fortified with moistureintensive Birch Tree Sap™ for a powerfully reviving boost. Fresh vitamin C is released from the capsules upon contact with the skin, delivering antioxidant protection that fights free radicals, as rosewood extract helps clarify and calm the complexion for restored smoothness and effortless glow.

Apply one shot and small amount of enriching serum to the cleansed face, gently massage and spread the product in every corner of your viasage until fully absorbed by face. Use the serum every morning and night for best results and to visibly seen the effect

How to use
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