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Himbal Hydrasoft Moisturizing Cream

Himbal Hydrasoft Moisturizing cream is bursting with natural olive, ylang-ylang and macadamia oils for rapid absorption and optimal hydration. Based on softening hibiscus flower, refreshing spearmint leaves, and rejuvenating ginger, this intensive cream moisturizes and clarifies without clogging the pores, and is designed specifically for men to enable effortless, daily facial care

After applying other creams and cleansed the dry facial skin put a small amount of the product on the finger and gently massage in an upward and downward motion until fully absorbed by the face. For best results, use this product every night to see the visible glow of your skin

How to use
Himbal Cool & Relax Aftershave Balm.jpg

Himbal Cool & Relax Aftershave Balm

Especially designed to protect the face with antioxidant-rich hydration for the ultimate after-shave experience. Added rosemary, aloe vera and hibiscus flower soften the skin and deliver maximum nourishment after your daily shave to deeply rejuvenate and enhance the skin’s tone.

Softly apply to cleansed, dry facial and neck skin after shaving then massage in a circular motion until fully absorbed by the particular area. It is use to avoid any damages to the skin such as having rough skin, right after the abrasive action onto it.

How to use
Himbal Glide Shaving Cream.jpg

Himbal Glide Shaving Cream

Formulated specifically to protect the skin during shaves, Glide Shaving Cream is infused with refreshing spearmint, rejuvenating ginger and softening hibiscus flower and acts as a cushion between the blade and the skin to prevent irritation and razor burn. Enriched with shea butter and sweet almond oil, this hydrating cream soothes and restores the skin with herbal nourishment, enabling the ultimate daily shaving experience.

Before shaving, wet your face and apply a large amount of cream to the area to be shaved and while gliding up the product we can take more cream if needed. After shaving the particular area, clean it with warm water. For suggestions, we can use moisturizer after finishing the session.

How to use
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